Buk Dirayne

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Buk Dirayne
Kurzick priest.jpg
Affiliation Kurzicks
Type Human
Service Collector
Level(s) 20
Campaign Factions

Buk Dirayne is a collector, a type of NPC that exchanges trophies for items.



"Since the Jade Wind swept through these lands, the gaki have all but disappeared. The few that remain are wily devils that kidnap children in the night. My sister was abducted from our home when I was just a small child. No family should suffer the way mine did those years ago. I am sworn to protect children from the gaki, but I cannot do it alone. Help me purge these ignoble wretches from existence. Hunt the gaki and bring me 3 Skull Jujus, and I'll reward you with this:

Collector items[edit]

Buk Dirayne[edit]

Location: Saint Anjeka's Shrine
Collecting: 3 Skull Jujus

Item Stats Requirement Weapon bonuses Value
Butterfly Knives Slashing damage: 7-17 9 Dagger Mastery Damage +15% (while Health is above 50%) 125 Gold
Wailing Wand Cold damage: 11-22 9 Curses Halves skill recharge of Curses spells (Chance: 20%)
Energy +5 (while Health is below 50%)
125 Gold
Frost Artifact Energy +12 9 Water Magic Water Magic +1 (20% chance while using skills)
Health +30
125 Gold
Healing Rod Fire damage: 11-22 9 Divine Favor Halves skill recharge of Healing Prayers spells (Chance: 20%)
Energy +5 (while Health is below 50%)
125 Gold
Cleaver Slashing damage: 6-28 9 Axe Mastery Damage +20% (while hexed) 125 Gold
Channeling Focus Energy +12 9 Channeling Magic Armor +5 (while enchanted)
Health +45 (while enchanted)
125 Gold
Lotus Staff Energy +10
Cold damage: 11-22
9 Death Magic Halves casting time of Death Magic spells (Chance: 20%)
Halves skill recharge of spells (Chance: 20%)
125 Gold