Calissa Sedgwick

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Calissa Sedgwick
Ascalonian townsfolk f.jpg
Affiliation Ascalonians
Type Human
Service Collector
Level(s) 1
Campaign Prophecies

Calissa Sedgwick is a collector of Charr Hides, the only salvage item in the game that can be traded to a collector.



"I'm searching for 4 Charr Hides. I can offer you one of the following items in exchange. Can you help me?"

Collector items[edit]

Calissa Sedgwick[edit]

Location: Ascalon City
Collecting: 4 Charr Hides

Item Stats Value
Belt Pouch Holds 5 items 5 Gold
Fur Square Rare crafting material 10 Gold


Anomaly Anomaly.As noted, she is the only permanent collector in the game who collects salvage items instead of trophies.


  • Calissa Sedgwick was added to the game in 2005 in response to the high market costs of fur, which had risen to around 2Platinum.