Flannuss Broadwing

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Flannuss Broadwing
Flannuss Broadwing.jpg
Affiliation Tarnished Coast wildlife
Type Krait (boss)
Profession Monk Monk
Level(s) 28 (30)
Campaign Eye of the North
Flannuss Broadwing map.png
Usual patrol routes.
Clockwise in green
Anti-clockwise in red

Flannuss Broadwing is a Krait Devouss boss accompanied by at least 5 Krait Arcanoss as it patrols a wide area near the center of Arbor Bay.



Items dropped[edit]


  • His route is approximately 5 minutes in length, varying in direction and path per spawn. It patrols around the edge of the northeastern lagoon more often than the south route.
  • Flannuss usually becomes stuck on a cliff almost directly south of Vlox's Falls, at the northernmost tip of the land jutting into the river delta - marked with the monk icon on the wiki map. The quickest way to locate the boss should be to travel clockwise on the red path. Alternatively, wait in the spot where it may get stuck - both patrol routes overlap here.
  • An easy (but repetitive) method for killing Flannuss is to zone into Arbor Bay from Vlox's Falls head forward, killing the first two groups of Krait and heading left along the cliff tops. If he is not there, he will likely be there in two minutes - otherwise he is on the other route, so rezone and try again.