Garfazz Bloodfang (quest)

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Disambig icon.png This article is about a quest in the Ascalon region. For the Charr boss, see Garfazz Bloodfang.
Garfazz Bloodfang
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Viggo
in Piken Square
Preceded by The Siege of Piken Square
Type Secondary quest
Garfazz Bloodfang (quest) map.jpg
Location from The Breach
Garfazz Bloodfang (quest) map2.jpg
Location from Grendich Courthouse

Kill a dangerous charr named Garfazz Bloodfang and end his villainy.

Quest information[edit]





Travel to Diessa Lowlands; Grendich Courthouse is closest to the location of the quest. If you don't want to kill all the Charr surrounding Garfazz, attack him from the north. You will be able to pull him away from some of the others.






Initial dialogue[edit]

"My last time out, I nearly slew this bloated coward of a Charr, Garfazz Bloodfang. Bloodfang and his forces fled northwest, into the Diessa Lowlands. The duke won't let me lead a group after him. Says it's not strategic."
"Well, I've never known the duke to be wrong about a thing like that, but if you were to hunt down that fur-wrapped vermin, I'd do my best to see to it you were duly rewarded."
Yes Accept: "Consider him dead already."
No Decline: "Personal vendettas have no place in warfare."
Ask Ask: "Yeah, I'd like to see Garfazz get what's coming to him. Killed two of our men and then ran like the blazes. He was trying to lure us into a trap, so the duke wouldn't let us pursue."

Reward dialogue[edit]

"So you got Garfazz, eh? I want to hear all the gory details... No, actually, forget it. I'd rather keep the image that's in my mind now. The real thing might not be as good, right?"


Bug Bug.Sometimes, after you accept the reward from Duke Barradin on completion of The Siege of Piken Square (the prerequisite quest for Garfazz Bloodfang), Viggo won't gain the expected green exclamation point above his head until you click on him.