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Absinthe And Chains

Absinthe And Chains [BIND]
Guild Absinthe And Chains cape.jpg
Language English
Leader Mina Merrin
Faction Luxon
Type PvX
Guild Hall Imperial Isle
VoIP Vent/Skype


This guild was created June 25, 2011 by Mina Merrin. Our guild site is

Guild Hall

Imperial Isle

Services Added Costs
GH Xunlai icon.jpgXunlai Agent Yes 10Platinum
GH dye trader icon.jpgDye Trader No 50Platinum
GH material trader icon.jpgCrafting Material Trader No 100Platinum
GH rare material trader icon.jpgRare Material Trader No 100Platinum
GH rune trader icon.jpgRune Trader No 25Platinum
GH scroll trader icon.jpgScroll Trader No 50Platinum
GH skill trainer icon.jpgSkill Trainer No 100Platinum
GH Priest of Balthazar icon.jpgPriest of Balthazar No 10Platinum
GH merchant icon.jpgMerchant No 25Platinum
GH weaponsmith icon.jpgWeaponsmith No 10Platinum
GH guild emblemer icon.jpgGuild Emblemer No 10Platinum
GH canthan ambassador icon.jpgCanthan Ambassador No 10Platinum
Furious Pumpkin Crown.pngFestival Hat Keeper No 10Platinum
Total cost 510Platinum


We are looking for active, fun loving members. As long as you're willing to treat the members of our guild and alliance with respect, you are welcome to stay!


Officers are required to play once a week. These players are promoted at Mina Merrin's discretion, and may also be demoted as such. However, she will be keeping an eye on the following things:

  • Presence in the chat box - both guild and alliance chat
  • Willingness to help players
  • Willingness and ability to handle any situations that arise while the guild leader is occupied. This includes rule breaking, issues, and any helpdesk scenarios.
  • Skill and progress in the game. Newbies will generally not be promoted unless under very special circumstances.


Players are expected to play at least one every two weeks. We do ask that you keep your language PG-13 or under while talking in the alliance chat. In guild chat, you can use profanities and suggestive language if you like, just don't go overboard. keep it within GW ToS please!

Players will be recruited at random as well as through other members. However, once you are a member, you must follow the rules, or you will be banned. This includes:

  • language rules (see above)
  • ToS Violations - including but not limited to hacking, botting, theft, etc,
  • Disrespecting any guild member or alliance member
  • Failure to follow the rulings of the Guild Leader or Officers in matters they step into - if they ask you to stop something and you don't, you're gone.

Contact information

Contact the guild leader, Mina Merrin, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this guild.

Heralds Of Light Alliance
Leader Heralds Of Light
Members The Legion of the Crusaders • Original Timetakers • Absinthe And Chains