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The Maguuma centaurs, also known as the Harathi,[1] are centaurs that can be found throughout the Maguuma Jungle.

List of hostile NPCs[edit]

Region Type Name Trophy
Guild Wars Prophecies
Maguuma Jungle Centaur Warrior 16 (25) Maguuma Warrior
Ranger 16 (25) Maguuma Hunter
Monk 16 (25) Maguuma Protector
Necromancer 16 (25) Maguuma Warlock
Mesmer 16 (25) Maguuma Enchanter
Elementalist 16 (25) Maguuma Avenger
Maguuma Mane


  • Maguuma centaurs, except for the Hunters, have 20 additional armor against cold damage. Maguuma Hunters have +10 armor against cold damage but also have 30 less armor against earth damage.


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