Mirza's Last Stand

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Mirza's Last Stand
Section Kourna Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Mirza Veldrunner
in Turai's Procession
Preceded by Centaur Concerns
Followed by A Bushel of Trouble
Type Secondary quest
Mirza Veldrunner map.jpg
Location of Mirza Veldrunner

Help Mirza Veldrunner defend his village from the Kournan soldiers that are trying to enslave the centaurs.

Quest information[edit]


  • Defend the Centaur Village. You have [5...0] groups of Kournan troops remaining.
  • Mirza Veldrunner must survive.
  • See Mirza Veldrunner for your reward.


Environmental changes[edit]


You will need to rezone if you just received the reward for Centaur Concerns before you can receive this quest.

As you come up to Mirza, some non-hostile Kournans nearby are already speaking to Mirza and threatening the other centaurs, as they challenge the Centaurs, the Kournan Phalanx will execute a centaur that they are holding hostage.

When the kournans stop talking, Mirza will offer this quest. Note that hostile soldiers will start to arrive shortly after, even if you haven't taken the quest, although it is still possible to accept it from Mirza in the middle of the battle.

The Kournan soldiers will attack from both the north and south sides of Mirza's position, 3 small groups to the south, and 2 larger groups from the north. The second group from the north will have the Kournan commander, Captain Kuruk with them.

Do not leave Mirza unguarded, since he will not move from his position during the attack, and will die easily if left alone.



Centaurs (Veldrunner)

Humans (Kournan military)


Humans (Kournan military)


Humans (Kournan military)



Kournan Phalanx
Kournan Phalanx
"Mirza Veldrunner! Half-beast! Warmarshal Varesh demands your surrender!"
Kournan Phalanx
"All half-beasts are ordered to the Dejarin Estate for confinement. Any who resist will be slaughtered!"
Mirza Veldrunner
"The Kournans hold no sway over the Centaurs, human!"
Kournan Phalanx
"Fine words for a half-beast."
Mirza Veldrunner
"Your darkness will pass. We will be here when the true day dawns anew."
Kournan Phalanx
"Here is the death of your "true day!"
Mirza Veldrunner
"You will die for that, Kournan."
Mirza Veldrunner
"Centaurs of the Veld!"
Mirza Veldrunner
"We will fight to our dying breaths to break the Kournan hold over this land!"

Initial dialogue[edit]

Mirza Veldrunner
"Human, you smell. You smell...to my surprise..of light and honor. The Kournans reek of darkness and evil. If you would stand against this darkness, stand with us now. Varesh has sent a full company from the Dejarin Estate in reprisal for our actions. If we survive, my people will feast on Kournan flesh for months. This time we hold no ultimatum over your heads. It is your choice to make. Zhed has faith in you, and so do we. Will you stand with the Centaurs?"
Yes Accept: "We stand with you, Mirza Veldrunner."
No Decline: "That's not the smell of honor you're noticing."
Ask Ask: "They will attack from all sides, and we will pile their bodies high for the coming feast. Stand with the Centaurs!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Mirza Veldrunner
"That should keep them at bay for some time, and feed my people for even longer. Varesh will undoubtedly conscript more locals to compensate."
"This darkness spreads...even now. I can feel it in the earth, air, and water. Something has changed. Our people, like yours, know of this legendary Nightfall. Strange times are indeed upon us."
"But now, you are not merely human...you are part of this pride. I will teach you some of the old ways of my people. Some skills that will, perhaps, come in handy. First, please accept this token of our gratitude."