Mutu Wahmeh

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Mutu Wahmeh
Istani commoner leatherclad.jpg
Affiliation Istani
Type Human
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 15
Campaign Nightfall

Mutu Wahmeh is the honorable eldest child of Nehbawa Wahmeh, a well-respected elder of the farming village in Issnur Isles. His younger sister is Misela and his younger brother is Jedur.



Quests involved in:



"Long have I trained to become a Sunspear. My father greatly respected the Order. I only wish he could have lived long enough to see me join. He shall surely smile from the Mists on the day I prove worthy of that honor."

During quest Mutu, the Oldest Child:

"If we recover the inheritance, I shall use it for training, weapons, and armor. Once properly equipped and trained, I plan to apply to the Sunspears. I am certain if I try hard enough I will master their challenges and be accepted. My father greatly respected the Order, and I want to honor him by helping them protect the Istani people he cared for so deeply."

After quest Mutu, the Oldest Child:

"My friend, <character name>! I am proud to tell you that I have been accepted into the Order of the Sunspears! I now bear the banner of the protectors of Istan and Elona! Your nobility, unselfishness, and honor shall be my example of how to live as a dedicated Sunspear. Thank you again, friend, for all you have taught me and for helping me realize my dream. Surely, my father smiles down upon us both."


Battle quotes[edit]

"Sunspears do not falter in combat! Neither shall I!"