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Warning-Logo.png Warning: Directly modifying the Guild Wars program files through any third party tools is completely unsupported by ArenaNet and NCSoft. If anything breaks, do not contact support for help; there's nothing they can do about it. Also, third party programs not supported by ArenaNet might contain trojans, spyware, adware, and other harmful programs. See also: ArenaNet Response.

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You will need to download uMod or TexMod to apply these modifications.

Aurora Borealis[edit]

These mods change the color of the Northern Lights of the Login Screen to different colors. (copied the idea for RGB from Snake Hunter)

Sample: RGB Aurora Borealis

Black Bambi[edit]

Changes the color of the bambi emote.

Cape Clasp[edit]

Changes the upper portion of capes from blue to black, leaving the golden trim untouched. It will not effect your guild cape itself, only the top portion. This mod will effect ALL capes, not just your own. I will possibly be making additional colors as well, and will add them here. The only error I can see in this mod is the shine effect is still there, and I don't think it can be removed without messing up the shine effect on cape emblems.

Dark Isle of the Dead[edit]

Its a new Dark version from the Guildhall "Isle of the Dead".

Enhanced Loading Screens[edit]

I got tired of seeing the same load screens for three years, so I changed all the regional load screens. All the new loadscreens are in-game screenshots that I photoshopped to make them look like actual paintings/drawings. The only one I didn't change is the Battle Isles load screen, because it's lord-of-the-rings-ey and thus automatically awesome. These 21 high res images make the download 24.8 mb.

Eye Candy Gone[edit]

Green Auroa[edit]

This changes the white lines in the sky to a nice green auroa.

GuildCast Banner[edit]

This changes the Nightfall logo at the login screen to the banner of Guild Cast, a podcast about Guild Wars.

Hall of Heros Demons[edit]

A quick switch for the rank 3-11 emotes to attemt to make them look just a little more Demonic.

I Can See Drakkar Clearly Now![edit]

This mod changes the texture of the Ice over Drakkar lake so you can clearly see the Dragon underneath.

Lion's Arch Flags - After WiK[edit]

Fairly mild spoiler, but for those who like continuity... this mod changes the texture of the flags that fly in Lion's Arch to reflect the changes as they should be after completing A Battle for Lion's Arch in the War in Kryta quest series.

New Loading Screens[edit]

This mod changes the ALL loading screens to in-game screenshots of that area.

No Glitter from items/bundles on the ground[edit]

Removes the glitter from items or bundles lying on the ground. Useful when taking screenshots.

Pre Searing in Post Searing[edit]

Reverse Bars[edit]

This mod reverse the color of the exp, energy, and health bars.As a added bonus it also reverses the color of the close, minimize, and maximize buttons.

Rock/80's/Gothic Mod[edit]

  • Creator: Decomposing Brains
  • Note: Many things in this mod are made for the Nomad's Isle Guild Hall, still also in other places (eotn logo change, the bar under changes, character select trim color change, empy slots replaced with eddie, from iron maiden, and bags replaced wth guitars)hope you like it (please note, it is a litle satanic, if you don't like the number 666 in the nomad isle)
  • Download:

Rocky Horror Show Package[edit]

This file was created as a unique event in association with Halloween 2008. Using this mod, players are able to wear unique Halloween costumes never seen before in Guild Wars. The file was created for Halloween, but players are able to use it anytime.

Temple of Balthazar Texture Enhancements[edit]

A few objects at the Temple of Balthazar have been re-textured (or re-colored). Only several textures have been changed but I feel they make the place look attractive.

Texmod Tools[edit]

Photo Booth[edit]

Photo Booth creates a blank grey space in the Isle of the Nameless explorable zone to create an even and glare-free background for screenshots and video. The area has the ability to use skills and is in range of enemy dummies to attack as well as friendly NPCs to buff.

Note: This mod isn't recommended for normal play as it turns a decent amount of the Battle Isles environments into solid white & grey.
Interactive Map Helper[edit]
Mainly created in order to get screenshots for the Interactive Maps project, this mod will remove cloud cover and the Luxon/Kurzick border. As the project requires it, I'll update it to remove almost all the Mission Map markers and "fog" for dungeons and underground zones.

Nighttime Random Arenas[edit]

This mod alters the walls of the outpost to black, gives the water a darker color and the sky isn't that blue anymore. Funny detail: also changes the loading screen. Also, I replaced the best visible blue Ascalon flag with the Jade Brotherhood's.


Wintersday For All[edit]

Brings Wintersday decorations to Cantha, as well as minor alterations to all campaigns.

Wintersday In Pre-Searing[edit]

A little recoloring and retexturing brings Wintersday to Presearing Ascalon! Snow on the ground and festive colors abound!