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Black Moa.png
Affiliation Not specified
Type Not specified
Profession Unknown [[Profession]Unknown]]
Level(s) 20 (24)
Campaign Core

Pariah is a moa enthusiast, long-time Guild Wars player, and Guild Wars Wiki user and editor.



Quests involved in:



  • It is advised to avoid general asshattery around Pariah, as he dislikes jerks, and will openly tear each one he meets a whole new "rift".
  • While Pariah is typically found in either Pre-Searing Ascalon or in the Great Temple of Balthazar, he has been known to often travel to areas throughout Tyria, Cantha, and Elona.
  • Pariah hates all forms of vandalism and will remove any and all vandalism he encounters on the Guild Wars Wiki.


  • Absolutely loves all sorts of Moas, the Black Moa being his favorite.
  • Collects and dedicates every miniature he can get his grubby talons on.