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Canthan adept.jpg
Affiliation Canthans
Type Human
Level(s) 10
Campaign Factions
Resongkai informs the player of Zin Ku Corridor's origins and significance.



"The righteous face persecution for their righteousness. The humble find themselves in the gutter of society, their humility seen by none. Yet the brave fight for us all. This is the path the gods have chosen for us, and so we follow. The road is treacherous, and the goal is not always within reach...but you will never walk the path alone.
"What troubles you my child?"
Tell me about this place.
"I am but a humble servant of the gods, but what knowledge I possess is yours to command."
How old is this temple?
"Before the construction of Tahnnakai Temple, this humble hill...for it was a hill, before the growing city swallowed it...was one of the first great sites of worship in Cantha. Another ancient site is located in what is now called Nahpui Quarter."
Do you prefer this hill to Tahnnakai Temple?
"Each place has its purpose, every purpose has its place. Do not suppose Tahnnakai is less than sacred simply because it is young. Nevertheless, the ground upon which we stand is perhaps the best place in all of Cantha to become closer to the gods."
Teach me about the gods.
"There are those who believe the gods only watch over those who choose this profession or that. So many Warriors who revere only Balthazar. So many Rangers who serve only Melandru. Assassins or Ritualists bound in service to Grenth. Yet this is short-sighted, for no human can see into the minds of the gods. Each deity has something to offer to everyone, and every profession. Approach the statues and learn for yourself."
Who are you?
"I am of little importance, a mere caretaker of this temple. I am no more or less important than any of the gods' other creations, but through their teachings I may, perhaps, teach others."