Scout Kahra

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Scout Kahra
Scout Kahra.jpg
Affiliation Order of the Sunspears
Type Human
Level(s) 20
Campaign Nightfall

Scout Kahra provides some intelligence on Kourna and the mindset of its populace.



"It is much hotter here than Istan. Part of me wishes Nightfall would come and bring some shade to this Balthazar-cursed desert! I don't know how those Kournans handle it."
Tell me what you've learned of the Kournan people.
"The Kournan people fall into two basic categories: those who are part of Varesh Ossa's oppressive military machine, and those subjects who support and maintain it. A typical Kournan village must produce a quota of food or materials for the state or face harsh punishment. Needless to say, most citizens are unhappy about this arrangement but will not say so openly. Despite Varesh's iron heel the commoners remain vigilantly devout. Priests of Kourna hold a degree of silent respect."
Tell me about Kournan priests.
"Priests tend the shrines. They are barely tolerated by Varesh for their worship of the Five True Gods. It is this practice that draws out those that cannot oppose Varesh openly. If you ally with them, we will garner the respect and support of the common Kournan. It would go a long way in earning you more Sunspear rank."