Skjaldulf Lightfingers

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Skjaldulf Lightfingers
Tanni Silvermane.jpg
Affiliation Not specified
Type Norn
Profession Warrior Warrior
Level(s) 20
Campaign Eye of the North

Skjaldulf Lightfingers offers Norn Hunting Party after being defeated.




Before defeat
"Impress me in battle, then we talk!"
Yes Accept: "Bring it! (Fight.)"
No Decline: "Maybe some other time."
After defeat
"Hey you. Come here. Clear this place of monsters. What, you've got something better to do?"
Norn Hunting Party.jpg Accept: "I'm on it."
No Decline: "Actually I do."
After being defeated, with a blessing
"Why am I called Lightfingers? Check your pockets."
Under Norn Hunting Party with less than 25 kills
"Hmm. (0..24) kills? Come back when you've got a few more."
After reaching rank 1, before receiving the Heart of the Norn
"You are earning a powerful reputation among Norn. The renowned Tyr the Skaald [Norn Storyteller] of Gunnar's Hold wishes to discuss your famous deeds."
Not under Veteran Norn Hunting Party
"You've done so well! Here, I'll even give back the things I took from you. What? You're a hero now!"
Veteran Norn Hunting Party.jpg Accept: "I'm on it."
No Decline: "Actually, I do."