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Capping, derived from "capture," has two distinct meaning (both based off of the origin word) based on whether it is in PvE or PvP. A "capper" is someone who focuses on capping during a match.

In PvE, capping refers to the use of a Signet of Capture on a boss.

In PvP, it refers to the tactic, most commonly found in Alliance Battles, of focusing on capturing control points or shrines. Other than Alliance Battles, it can be found in Costume Brawl, Fort Aspenwood, and Jade Quarry.

Alliance Battles

Control points in Alliance Battles are captured via getting close and reducing then filling out a bar. Capping a control point will spawn NPCs to help defend it, however NPCs do not add to filling out the bar or preventing it from being reduced. Only up to four players can affect how fast the bar fills up (each player adding one pip); because of this, and because groups are divided into fours, capping in Alliance Battles is usually done in groups of four (sometimes three).

Costume Brawl

Costume Brawl capping works like Alliance Battle capping, except that there are no NPCs spawns by capturing points. Along with this, the entire team of six can influence the speed of capturing a single point.[verification requested]

Fort Aspenwood and Jade Quarry

Capping in Fort Aspenwood and Jade Quarry work differently. In these two areas, there is no bar to fill out in order to capture a point, instead only requiring killing all NPCs that are tied to the control point (excluding Carrier Juggernauts and Hauler Turtles).

Solo capper

A solo capper is a player with a build designed to kill all of the NPCs at a shrine and capture it without assistance. A shrine being capped by a single player takes longer to capture in Alliance Battles and Costume Brawl, but has the advantage of freeing up the other members of their party for other tasks. Most builds focused on solo capping deal a large amount of area of effect damage. Normally this is done in the form of casters, primarily Elementalists and Smiting Monks.

In the case of Jade Quarry, Necromancers using saccing AoE spells can be the most effective, as you do not need to survive in order to cap there.