The Charr Staging Area

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The Charr Staging Area
Section Ascalon Quests
Campaign Prophecies

(Tyrian only)

Given by Master Ranger Nente
in Old Ascalon
Preceded by The Charr Patrol
Type Secondary quest
(Profession: Ranger)
The Charr Staging Area map.jpg
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Kill the Warrior Boss Gorgaan Hatemonger in The Breach.

Quest information[edit]



  • Head to the Breach and kill Gorgaan Hatemonger.
  • Return to Master Ranger Nente for your reward.



If you accept this quest right after finishing The Charr Patrol, backtrack to enter The Breach. Head directly north to the stone bridge where you will find the Warrior Boss Gorgaan Hatemonger. After killing him return to Master Ranger Nente in Old Ascalon for your reward.


Initial Dialogue[edit]

Master Ranger Nente
"I examined the bodies of those Charr we slew and discovered something interesting. They are part of the warband lead by Gorgan Hatemonger, a particularly nasty Charr with whom I've had a few run-ins. Gorgaan can usually be found near a bridge that spans a chasm of black sludge in the Breach. If you were able to find and destroy him, it would throw any plans his warband had for an attack into disarray. Can I count on you?"
Yes Accept: "Gorgaan will trouble us no more."
No Decline: "I have other tasks to accomplish first."
Ask Ask: "Head to the Breach and kill Gorgaan Hatemonger."

Reward Dialogue[edit]

Master Ranger Nente
"It is a mighty deed you have accomplished, <Character name>. With Gorgaan slain, his warband will fall apart. I am proud to call you my ally."