Third Guild War

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The Third Guild War (referred to by some as the Guild War) was the bloodiest and the most recent of the Guild Wars, and the first to include Orr. The kingdom of Orr had not wanted to get drawn in, which it had successfully avoided during the first two conflicts, but when foreign guilds began fighting on the streets of Arah, they felt obliged to retaliate.

The Third Guild War began in 1013 AE, lasting 57 years, and initially involved only Kryta and Ascalon. The theaters of battle included Ascalon itself, with cities such as Rin and Kyhlo becoming embroiled in the conflict. At the time, the crown of Ascalon would often allow guilds to purchase influence.

When the Ascalonian royal family, and with them the king—Adelbern's predecessor—were assassinated, it was not Prince Barradin but a young Adelbern who was regarded as having saved Ascalon from the Guild Wars, as well as the old king, who had nearly brought Ascalon to ruin. Barradin also supported the crowning of Adelbern, and it was he who made Adelbern commander of the Ascalon Army after the Battle of Rin.

The Third Guild War was brought to an abrupt end by the Searing and the subsequent Charr invasion in 1070 AE.