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PvX This user plays PvE and PvP.
From USA
Campaign(s) Prophecies
Guild Fresh Breath
Alliance Luxon
Favorite Profession Mesmer Mesmer
Favorite Campaign Nightfall
Favorite Skill Assassin Shroud of Silence


Warrior-icon-small.pngAce Powering I

Ranger-icon-small.pngAkinam The Young

Dervish-icon-small.pngEnemies Just Resign

Monk-icon-small.pngGollum And Smeagol

  • Monk
  • Level: 15
  • Campaign Progress:
    • Prophecies: Frontier Gate
    • Factions: (not yet started)
    • Nightfall: (not yet started)
  • Origin: Tyrian

Elementalist-icon-small.pngHowl The Master

Mesmer-icon-small.pngIl Will Turner Il

  • Mesmer
  • Level: 10
  • Campaign Progress:
    • Prophecies: The Frost Gate
    • Factions: Not yet started
    • Nightfall: Not yet Started
  • Origin: Tyrian

Assassin-icon-small.pngThe Chan Master

The Userboxes...[edit]

Guild Fresh Breath icon.jpg This user is a member in the guild: Fresh Breath [GASP]
Guild Fresh Breath icon.jpg This user is a member in the alliance: Fresh Breath [GASP]
"Jora" concept art 2.jpg This user loves Hero Battles.
Martyr.jpg This user suffers from headaches.
Contemplation of Purity.jpg What a cute baby...
Mend Condition.jpg Let's poke the baby!
Air of Enchantment.jpg This user wants to go here for vacation.
Rend Enchantments.jpg This user has minty breath.
Ignite Arrows.jpg This user likes to make things go BOOM!
Spike Trap.jpg This is why shoes were invented.
Lion's Comfort.jpg Wait a minute... Is the lion eating him?! *Gulp*
Steady Stance.jpg That's it. Take it one step at a time...
Undead Lich.jpg This user picked this costume for Halloween.
Soldier's Strike.jpg McDONALDSSSSS!!!!!!!!!.