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Proud Founder of Fight For The Win [FTW], I have played since day of release and enjoyed every minute of it. I have met some really good friends, and overcome my Guild Wars challanges. I am a PvE only player (with expection of Alliance Battles). I have played and completed all 3 campaigns with each Profession obviously reaching Level 20. My total hours of Guild Wars gameplay is 20k. I own all 3 Collectors Editions.

Achieved 50/50 In my Hall Of Monuments. With very few things left to totally complete it (not including PvP titles).

  • Memorable Guild Wars Moments: Being a part of Guild Of The Week with Siege Turtles lead by Baggypants, And Gaining God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals Title

  • Worst Guild Wars Moment: Making the mistake of letting my silly cousin play Guild Wars while I was away on a long weekend holiday. He decided it would a laugh to blaze everyone in Alliance chat whilst in Siege Turtles, when I returned it lead to me kindly being asked to leave which I did

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Ace Loves It[edit]

Protector Of Tyria, Protector Of Cantha, Protector Of Elona: Protector

Guardian Of Tyria, Guardian Of Cantha, Guardian Of Elona, Legendary Guardian: Guardian

Tyrian Grandmaster Cartographer, Canthan Grandmaster Cartographer, Elonian Grandmaster Cartographer, Legendary Cartographer: Cartographer

Tyrian Elite Skill Hunter, Canthan Elite Skill Hunter, Elonian Elite Skill Hunter, Legendary Skill Hunter: Skill Hunter

Tyrian Vanquisher, Canthan Vanquisher, Elonian Vanquisher, Legendary Vanquisher: Vanquisher

Incorrigible Ale-Hound: Drunkard

Life of the Party: Party Animal

Connoisseur of Confectionaries: Sweet Tooth

Legendary Survivor: Survivor

Not Too Shabby (10): Asura Rank

Legendary Delver (10): Deldrimor Rank

Secret Agent (10): Ebon Vanguard Rank

Slayer of All (10): Norn Rank

Legendary Master of the North: Master Of The North

Savior of the Luxons (12): Allegiance rank

Holy Lightbringer (8): Lightbringer Rank

Legendary Spearmarshal (10): Sunspear Rank

Blessed by Fate: Lucky and Unlucky

Cursed By Fate: Lucky and Unlucky


Monk Elite Woven armor m.jpg Monk Elite Woven armor: Monk Elite Luxon armor m.jpg Monk Elite Luxon armor: Monk Canthan armor m.jpg Monk Elite Canthan armor: Monk Vabbian armor m.jpg Monk Vabbian armor: Monk Obsidian armor m.jpg Monk Obsidian armor:

My Char List[edit]

User Ace Loves It Aces Heros.JPG
Monk Ace Loves It
Necromancer Wise Ace
Ritualist Heart Of Ace
Elementalist Ace The Fine
Paragon Nicoles Ace
Warrior Aces Roadster
Ranger Aces Mystery
Assassin Neos Niobe
Dervish Ace The Prodigy
Assassin Aces Girl
Elementalist Spirit Of Ace
Mesmer Cherry Kiss X