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Assassin-icon.pngKhan Shadowwarrior
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Asuran armor, Dyed a mix of Red:Blue:White
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Legendary Skill Hunter
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Let it be known. near and far, that Cantha's legends pay tribute to the honorable Khan Shadowwarrior. savior of the Emperor Kisu. who sent the traitor Shiro Tagachi to his rightful doom. Hail to the hero who freed Kourna. rescued Vabbi. defended Istan. and vanquished the dark god Abaddon in the Domain of Anguish! Kormir. Goddess of Truth. and her greatest champion. Khan Shadowwarrior! All Elona sings in praise!

Deep beneath Sorrow's Furnace. a true hero was born. May the name of Khan Shadowwarrior. who defeated the Iron Forgeman. protected the Tome of the Rubicon. and crushed the Stone Summit Dwarves. be forever remembered. From Cavalon to the Jade Sea. the tales of Khan Shadowwarrior shall be spread far and wide celebrating the destruction of Kanaxai and his Oni. causing downfall of the Nightmare Horde. Let all who see this remember.

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