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"Greetings to All Masters, Mistresses, and slaves."[edit]


Someone tried to hack into this account. I have verified I still have access and my password still works, but I don't think you will hack it very easy. Also to the hackers, I have the IP address now from the computer you tried to hack my account from.

this slave is the Guild First kajira (Officer) to the Masters Of Gor guild.

Yes, the Gorean Lifestyle is her Lifestyle[edit]

This one is just learning how to do the pages, so it's a work in progress. More to follow.

Update: She is currently working on setting up a web page that will display her WoW and Guild Wars characters. She is hoping her Master will allow her to put it on a server once she is completed with it. It's a school project that she is hoping to keep as an actual project/hobby once her class is done.

It's All About Characters[edit]

Below are all of the characters this slave is currently working on:

Shortcuts to Personal Templates[edit]