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Username: Karuro GWO GWG
Gender: Male
Server: Europe
Occupation: Student, Animator & Webcomic artist
Hobbies: Games, Anime & Manga, Lore, Sleep
Likes: Sleep, peace, nekomimi and throwing cleavers around
Disikes: Overwork, shouting and being on the recieving end of said cleaver
Website: Anime-Envoy
Guild: Mystic Spiral

In-Game WarriorAssassinElementalist

First Main: Karuro Silvershot
Secondary Main: Tsukimiya Sora
Pampered Main: Mirei Florite
Favorite Campaigns: Prophecies & Factions
Latest Goal: Getting Arenanet to implent some dutch SMS Payment, for various reasons.
Current Project: Pursue the road of a Rare Hunter!


Account Titles

Ally of the Luxons (4)
Numchuck Skillz (3)
Devotee of Wisdom (3)
Friend of the Zaishen (2)
Adept Treasure Hunter (2)
Lucky (2)
Hapless (1)

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Random Thoughts & Blabbering

Following after this intro, a frightening tale of obsession, randomness and plain weirdness or oddball humor may follow.

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The Update Chapter

18/04/10 -- Requiem and Mantlecon
Wooh, been a time since I updated..
Requiem for Sanity is back from hiatus, so go check that out.
Still reworking the Character profiles, but should be up sooner or later.

This Saturday was also the time for Mantlecon.
I mainly wrote and narrated the play in ID1, then lazed around a bit *cough*.
But it was fun, nonetheless. See you next year~

30/10/09 -- Requiem for my Laziness
OK, I took several months off drawing any Requiem comics (Though I did make a few photo-orientated Anivoy ones using my figures).
End of the week, the weekend, not sure if tomorrow so probably after Halloween, There will be an update. I said that in red. The Red Truth doesn't lie!
It's been very boring (waiting time) and stressing in my life (problems with not finding a place to intern at for over 2 months..) and sir Konig demanding a comic every day I come on-line.. :p
So look forward to Sunday night, Euro-time.

14/04/09 -- Time for a new article...
Mantlecon looked like a big success, just like the previous two Mursaat Rally's. Was fun for us as well.
Now I'm trying to speed up the comic a bit, since the prize for the Costume Contest was a special appearance in my webcomic. Shame it's somewhere around the Southern Shiverpeaks, which would be about chapter 5. And we're now closing into chapter 3. Yea..

Fight-o, Karuro!

The OMG a Suggestion!? Chapter

User Karuro Tome bundle.png
After traveling far and wide, I have come to a suggestion for the ultimate source of Guild Wars Lore!

Want to read more about it? Check out the suggestion here: The Great Library!

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The Obsession Chapter

Currently watching: Click for full list
Reading: Click for full list
Playing: Random games, among them Kingdom Heart 358/2 Days and Devil Survivor.
Current member of GWO's Association of Lore Freaks (Not Guild).
Particularly interested in Lord Odran and the secrets of Tyria and the Mists

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