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Running Titles[edit]

  • Sunspear Castellan (8)



All my character are named in order to respect Norse mythology (Viking Age).

  • Odin Son of Barr
Odin the most powerful of the Aesir connotations of Odin lie with "poetry, inspiration" as well as with "fury, madness." Odin sacrificed one of his eyes at Mímir's spring in order to gain the wisdom of the ages.
  • Frigg Aesir Queen
Queen of the Aesir, and goddess of the sky. One of the Ásynjur, she is a goddess of fertility, love, household management, marriage, motherhood, and domestic arts.
  • Baldr Odin Son
Odin had several wives with whom he fathered many children. With his first wife, Frigg, he fathered his most gentle son Balder, who stood for happiness, goodness, wisdom and beauty
  • Vali Odin Son
He was birthed for the sole purpose of killing Höðr as revenge for Höðr's accidental murder of his half-brother, Baldr. He grew to full adulthood within one day of his birth, and slew Höðr. Váli is fated to survive Ragnarök.


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