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The idea I am trying to present with these changes are to make underused and useless skills better, and hopefully usable. Weaker attribues were buffed a slight bit, and OP'ed skills and builds were nerfed some, but not to death. Hopefully my ideas ans suggestions are to your liking, and Comment if you read them. enjoy!!

    • Scythes - Damage range and potential is too high. Most will disagree (Dervish fans)But it needs to drop some. 15-38, or 15-35.
    • Swords - Sword builds as of late have been dying, do to the lack of efficient build that can compare to the

one-hit-wonder Wounding strike. Sword warriors are nearly obsolete, and are rarely competition on PvP play.

    • Traps - Traps are the blow. If you run into a nest of traps, its should damn near kill you. I would increase all traps durations to 120 Seconds.


Comments: None.

"For 10 seconds, you move 15% faster and your attacks have additional 10% armor penetration you also have an additional 10...14...15% chance to critical hit. When this ends, you lose all adrenaline."
"Elite Hammer Attack. If Forceful Blow hits, you strike for +10...34...40 damage and your target suffers from Cracked Armor and is Weakened for 17...19...20 seconds. If it is blocked, you are knocked down."

4 Adren, 3 Recharge

Increase adrenaline scale by 1.

Energy 5,Activation 1s., Recharge 12

"Stance. For 6...8...8 seconds, you move 15% slower and have a have a 50% chance to block projectile attacks." (Spears, Staves, And Arrows)

"Sword Attack. If Jaizhenju Strike hits, you strike for +17...23...25 damage. If you are not using a Stance, Jaizhenju Strike cannot be blocked."

5En. 1Act. 6Rec (Same for Pure strike)

5 En, 3/4S Act. 12Rec.


Comments: Rangers thus far have a lack in ability to do much more than interrupt and Condition Spam on select targets, without taking another classes weapon as thier own. Hopefully these skills will inspire new build with this class, and power down old ones a notch without killing them.

  • Choking Gas Choking Gas - This should rock. If Blocked, this should spread choking gas at the location to that foes and adjacent foes for 3 seconds, dealing the bonus damage to the foe. I love entertaining the idea of 3 rangers smotherng a group of caster w/ Choking Gas/Dual Shot.
  • Nature's Renewal Nature's Renewal - EW. Practically useless, and it should affect all stats changes.
"For creatures within its range, enchantments, hexes, and Weapon Spells take twice as long to cast, but cost 25% less energy and recharge 25% faster."
"Enchantments, Hexes, and Weapon Spells in its range expire 10...25...45% sooner."

Lower Rec. to 45 or 30 Sec.

  • Penetrating Attack Penetrating Attack - (PvP) Nerfed to near deadness. At least it was used pre-update. Revert back to...
"Bow Attack. If Penetrating Attack hits, you strike for +5...14...20 damage and this attack has 20% armor penetration."

10En. (NO 1s. Activation) 4 Rec.

  • Power Shot Power Shot - Not too powerful, or useful on ranger builds.
"Bow attack. You shoot an arrow that moves 50% faster and strikes for +10...22...30 damage.

10En. 1Sec. Activation 5S. Recharge

  • Scavenger Strike Scavenger Strike - Inefficient for its energy cost, considering recharge and conditional bonus damage.
"Pet Attack. Your animal companion attempts a Scavenger Strike that deals +10...22...25 damage. If the attack strikes a foe who is suffering a condition, that foe takes an additional +1...12...15 damage and your pet gains(GAINS, not healed) 10..30...50 health."
"Elite Preparation. For 24 seconds, your attacks deal +3...5...8 damage to target for for each condition they are suffering."
"Bow Attack. If this attack hits, target foe takes +10...30...35 damage. If that foe is not using a Skill, Sloth Hunter's Shot results in a critical hit."
"Bow Attack. If Splinter Shot hits, you deal +3...15...20 damage. If Splinter Shot is blocked, all foes adjacent to your target take 5...55...70 damage."

5 En. 5 Rec.

  • Trapper's Speed Trapper's Speed - Traps are inferior in competitive play, and have long since died since the birth of factions. just a way to revive an old build.

Increase effects to 30%.

  • Burning Arrow Burning Arrow - about 30% of the Ranger builds in existence run this skill, easily deeming it abused.

Increase recharge to 8.

  • Strike as One Strike as One - Underused, and ends quite quickly in the heat of battle.

Increase affected number attacks to 10.

  • Piercing Trap Piercing Trap - Piecing damage is fairly easy to reduce by anyone with more than 60 armor.

Change base Damage to untyped.


Comment: Smite Spells are indefinitely inferior to all Elementalist attributes in DPS, and also in individuality. Hopefully these ideas will bring some spark to the attribute, and make it more useful. the conditions were added because Smite is usually used on casters(I hope for everyones sake) and they usually lack in armor. I re-vamped the healing attribute, and made WoH more attribute oriented, to limit its use in builds that don't prioritize in healing. Protection was also rehashed to change its gameplay.

  • Aegis Aegis - It might be easy to chain with large teams, but this skill fell out of grace for some unknown reason.
Enchantment Spell. "For 4...8...10 seconds, all party members within earshot have a 50% chance to block attacks."

10En. 2.S Cast 25 Rec.

Self targeting available.

  • Amity Amity - Never used, and too long recharge to be effective regardless.

Reduce recharge to 30 seconds.

"Enchantment Spell. For 8 seconds, foes adjacent to target ally take 5...15...18 holy damage each second."

10 En 2 S.Cast 15 rec.

Reduce recharge to 15 seconds.

  • Banish Banish - This skill is useless in most situations, and even against summoned creatures, due to its recharge.
Change idea 1- "Spell. Target foe takes 20...49...56 holy damage. This spell does double damage to summoned creatures. If a summoned creature is hit, it strikes adjacent foes and recharges instantly."
Change idea 2- "Spell. Target foe takes 20...49...56 holy damage. This spell does double damage to summoned creatures. Target foe is set on fire for 3 seconds."
"Elite Spell. Heal target ally for 10...50...75 Health and remove one Hex. If a Hex is removed, also remove one condition."

5 En.. 3/4s Cast 8 rec.

Reduce recharge to 12 seconds.

"Spell. Remove all Hexes from target other ally. For 8...18...20 seconds, that ally gains +10 armor for each Necromancer Hex that was removed. If the majority of hexes were Necromancer hexes, you gain 5 energy."
  • Defender's Zeal Defender's Zeal - Shouldn't trigger when hit, because you will burn more energy to heal the damage over than you net gain.

Elite Hex Spell. For 5...21...25 seconds, whenever target attacks, you gain 2 Energy. If this hex is removed, you gain 5 energy.

  • Extinguish Extinguish - This isn't Aegis. why does it feel like it?

Reduce energy cost to 10, increased recharge to 20.

  • Healing Burst Healing Burst - Not used very much. Make PBAoE Starburst/Shockwave gone heal? Go Return. I kept energy loss to make frivolous casting minimal.
"Elite Spell. All adjacent allied are healed for 10...44..80 health. Nearby allies are healed for 10...23...65 Health. All allies in the area are healed for 5...17..40 health. If more than one ally was healed, you lose 5 Energy." 5 en, 3/4s cast, 5 recharge

Reduce recharge to 20 seconds.

increase duration scale by 5.

  • Ray of Judgment Ray of Judgment - Too expensive, and even against MM's and undead hordes, too useless.

Reduce to 10en. and 20rec.


As far as Mesmers go, they do their job. They hamper every other classes ability to fight. Any of the changes are simply supplemental or minor buffs.

  • Accumulated Pain Accumulated Pain - Deep wound is a dangerous effects, but the Unconditional effect is far from worth ten energy.
" Spell. Target foe takes 15...40...55 damage. If target foe is suffering from 2 or more Hexes, that foe suffers a Deep Wound for 5...17...20 seconds."
  • Chaos Storm Chaos Storm - Even with the current buff, it isnt really usable.
" Hex Spell. For 10 Seconds, target foe and all foes adjacent to the foe suffers 3..8...12 damage per second, and whenever that foe is struck while casting a spell, that foe loses 1...2...3 energy."

Now has half casting range.

Increase damage scale by 10, -OR- reduce recharge to 12.