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Canthan New Year[edit]

  1. Have Piles of Glittering Dust and Bottle Rockets.
  2. Take the quests The Knights Who Say Nian, Hopeless Romantic and Fire in the Sky.
  3. Enter Sunqua Vale and take the quest Just My Luck, talk to Nubah Lao, talk with Guwon the Wise, and complete The Knights Who Say Nian and resign.
  4. Get reward for Fire in the Sky, take the quest The Big Bang and map travel to Tsumei Village.
  5. Enter Panjiang Peninsula and complete The Big Bang, Hopeless Romantic and Just My Luck.
  6. Get rewards for Just My Luck and hopeless Romantic while in Panjiang Peninsula and resign.
  7. Map travel to SJM and get rewards for The Knights Who Say Nian and The Big Bang.
  8. Map travel to Kamadan and then to Sunspear Great Hall.
  9. Enter the Plains of Jarin and take the quest Douse Your Enthusiasm.
  10. Return to Sunspear Great Hall and map travel to The Astralarium.
  11. Enter Zehlon Reach and complete Douse Your Enthusiasm.
  12. Re-enter The Astralarium and map travel to Great Sunspear Hall.
  13. Enter the Plains of Jarin and get the reward for Douse Your Enthusiasm.

Dragon Festival[edit]

  1. Take quest.
  2. Once in next area, all talk to NPC.
  3. Finish quest and resign.
  4. Take next quest, one talk to NPC and all follow.
  5. Finish quest. All talk to NPC and resign.
  6. Take next quest.
  7. Finish quest and resign.
  8. Take next quest. Map to city. One talk to NPC. Finish 1st part. Talk to next NPC. Finish quest and resign.
  9. Map to SJM.