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Best of GW[edit]

Having played GW on and off over the course of six years, I think it's appropriate to display some of the most epic things I have seen in the game, either directly or indirectly from friends/guild mates. These are the top three, in ascending order of epicness, along with a brief explanation of each. They are listed here for your enjoyment and for posterity.

#3 - Raptor farming before raptor farming was raptor farming

This was my first attempt at a crazy raptor farm before the W/N bar was known (or possibly even possible) and well before the current D/N farmer. Unfortunately, this raptor farm caused the game to crash and thus was extremely impractical. This screenshot was taken shortly before the game crashed--there were even more negatives on the display when it eventually did crash.

#2 - Of course I have over three hours for a match...

This is a friend's guild doing HA, and requires a bit of context to fully understand. This particular guild runs IWAY almost exclusively when they HA. This time, however, one of their warriors decided to not run the standard spiking elite and instead took Defy Pain. They arrive at the first map in HA, the Underworld, and the other 7 members of his team eventually die against a team running balanced. However, the entire 8 members of the other team together cannot kill the Defy Pain warrior. So what does he do? Simply outlast them. For over three hours. In the Underworld. The balanced team slowly left, one by one, because a one-fame-victory isn't worth a three hour battle to most. The best part? Only one of the guild members in his IWAY team had to leave. Also, for those that don't HA, the reason the whole team is alive in the screenshot is because once the enemy team loses, your entire team is resurrected.

#1 - I'm too rich for GW

This screenshot speaks for itself. Who needs over 900k worth of cons? Certainly not this show off. I would feel bad for him, except I think that this was well deserved. Let this be a lesson to all you who think you're too rich for this game, and feel the need to show it off.

Hats, hats, hats![edit]

Glad Anet is making changes to the hat system and letting us get some of the older hats. I hope we get two tokens each on Halloween and Wintersday.

Next hats I plan on getting in order

  • Dragon: Sinister Dragon Mask; Mirthful Dragon Mask; Demon Mask; Tengu Mask
  • Halloween: Complete
  • Wintersday: Freezie Crown; Jester's Cap; Horns of Grenth; Grentch Cap; Stylish Yule Cap; Great Horns of Grenth; Rudi Mask

Recurring Event Hats[edit]

Year Dragon Festival Halloween Wintersday
Lion's Arch Kamadan Dwayna Grenth
2005 Unknown YesPumpkin Crown.png
Pumpkin Crown
Unknown YesYule Cap.png
Yule Cap
UnknownHorns of Grenth.png
Horns of Grenth
2006 YesDragon Mask.png
Dragon Mask
YesFurious Pumpkin Crown.png
Furious Pumpkin Crown
YesWicked Hat m.pngWicked Hat f.png
Wicked Hat
UnknownStylish Yule Cap.png
Stylish Yule Cap
UnknownFreezie Crown.png
Freezie Crown
UnknownGreat Horns of Grenth.png
Great Horns of Grenth
UnknownJester's Cap.png
Jester's Cap
2007 UnknownDemon Mask.png
Demon Mask
YesScarecrow Mask.png
Scarecrow Mask
YesMummy Mask.png
Mummy Mask
YesWreath Crown.png
Wreath Crown
YesIce Crown.png
Ice Crown
2008 YesGrasping Mask.png
Grasping Mask
YesZombie Face Paint.png
Zombie Face Paint
YesLupine Mask.png
Lupine Mask
UnknownRudi Mask.png
Rudi Mask
UnknownGrentch Cap.png
Grentch Cap
2009 YesImperial Dragon Mask.png
Imperial Dragon Mask
YesCharr Hat.png
Charr Hat
YesSkeleton Face Paint.png
Skeleton Face Paint
YesSnow Crystal Crest.png
Snow Crystal Crest
YesIce Shard Crest.png
Ice Shard Crest
2010 UnknownSinister Dragon Mask.png
Sinister Dragon Mask
YesFurrocious Ears.png
Furrocious Ears
YesDivine Halo.png
Divine Halo
YesDemonic Horns.png
Demonic Horns
2011 UnknownMirthful Dragon Mask.png
Mirthful Dragon Mask
YesReaper's Hood.png
Reaper's Hood
YesFestive Winter Hood.png
Festive Winter Hood
YesStylish Black Scarf.pngStylish Red Striped Scarf.pngStylish White Striped Scarf.png
Stylish Scarves

Other hats[edit]

Day of the Tengu Canthan New Year
UnknownTengu Mask.png
Tengu Mask
YesLion Mask.png
Lion Mask

"Should you be allowed to play Guild Wars?" Quiz[edit]


Please do not take the quiz if you are easily offended.

This is a work in progress, I will update it as I see fit.

The Quiz: Part 1, PvP[edit]

You are in RA and you have no chance of winning the match. You:

  • A) Fail to resign and when a party member dies, res them anyway, because you like to grief people.
  • B) Fail to resign and run around as the last party member alive until the timer runs out. Simply reviving party members isn't enough for you.
  • C) Fail to resign and complain about the skill balance for 4v4 in Guild Wars.
  • D) Fail to resign and complain about how bad your team is and how amazing you are.
  • E) Rage-quit.
  • F) Resign and run into the enemy mob suicidally.

Correct Answer: E or F (15 points). If you answered B, don't bother taking the rest of the quiz, you automatically fail.

You want to play RA, but don't know what skill bar you should run. You:

  • A) Look up the current meta on PvX wiki and run the best rated bar for your favorite class.
  • B) Look through your archive of 8v8 team builds and pull out a bar that fell out of meta years ago and has been nerfed more than Smiter's Boon (PvP). In fact, it's Sway R/D with Escape, Apply Poison, and scythe attacks!
  • C) Ask a friend who is more experienced to give you a bar because you suck at making them or haven't played RA before.
  • D) Make your own bar because you actually know what skills are good and what are bad.
  • E) Play Mo/N and put Death Nova on your bar.

Correct Answer: C (10 points), or D if you actually know what you're talking about (20 points). If you answered E, subtract 6 billion points from your score.

You want to play HA but are of low rank and don't know anyone else to play with. You:

  • A) Pretend you own another account that's r9, and get a group that way.
  • B) Buy a high ranked account on eBay because you're bad at the game and want to ruin other people's fun.
  • C) Add a Me/Rt tease hero and a Mo/Me LS hero, then tab-invite random scrubs in ID1 and enter before anyone has a chance to leave or say anything.
  • D) Look up the current meta on wiki, roll one of the bars, and pretend you're r2 with only a tiny bit of fame left til r3.
  • E) Go play RA instead. Surely, a glad rank or two will help you get a team.

Correct Answer: D (10 points), or C if you fail at that (5 points). If you answered E, -30 points.

You get to halls, and find another guild in your alliance there. You:

  • A) Gank them.
  • B) Laugh about it afterwards.
  • C) GOD DAMNIT, WHY?!?!?

Correct Answer: A, then B, followed by C (9001 point combo).

You get to halls, only to be ganked by another guild in your alliance. You:

  • A) Kick them out of the alliance.
  • B) Laugh about it, and shrug it off.

Correct Answer: A (1 point)

You are playing on an IWAY team in the underworld, and are the last person alive on your team, with the entire enemy team still alive. You:

  • A) Die honorably because that's what all the cool kids do.
  • B) Use Defy Pain and IWAY to stay alive and tank the entire failire of an enemy team, while spamming /rank every thirty seconds, only to make them all leave after 3 hours.

Correct Answer: B (1000 points if no one on your team leaves, 50 otherwise)

You are in HB (before it was removed). You:

  • A) Red resign like 99.999999% of the GW population does.
  • B) Refuse to red resign, and then get beat by the other player anyway.
  • C) Look up the meta on wiki, then run around cap shrines the whole time. You feel like a man for being the epidomy of why HB was removed. HB is tactical and micro after all.
  • D) Challenge everyone to prove to you that HB is going to be removed. If they can't produce a link, it's obviously not going anywhere.

Correct Answer: A (20 points), or D if you're in denial (2 points). If you answered C, you lose 10,000 points.

You are in the codex arena. You:

  • A) Try and make a good bar.
  • B) Give up and just throw random skills on your bar because even if you try and make something decent it'll be shitty anyway.
  • C) Go to RA because as bad as RA is, it's still better than the codex arena.

Correct Answer: C (60 points), or B (15 points)

The Quiz: Part 2, PvE[edit]

Coming soon.

The Quiz: Part 3, General[edit]

Coming soon.


To be determined after parts 2 and 3 are complete.


My user page on GW2W and GW. Also, my YouTube channel for GW related videos as well as some videos of other games I play.

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