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Rune Ranger Sup.png Stormangel Newre
Prepared Shot.jpg Prepared Shot is Stormangel Newre's favorite Elite skill.
Expert Focus.jpg Expert Focus is Stormangel Newre's favorite skill.
User Stormangel Stormangel Newre.jpg
Favorite Builds:
"R/X - Always be Prepared"
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Precision Shot.jpg
Prepared Shot.jpg
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Resurrection Signet.jpg

"R/X - Insane Damage"
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Rangers are unique in their ability to succeed with the help of, or even in spite of, their environment. Nature rituals allow them to manipulate the environment to hinder their enemies, or borrow the very power of creation to heal and aid their allies. They favor long-range combat, the bow being their weapon of choice, and can be especially effective from elevated locations such as bridges and cliffs. They are the only profession with the ability to charm animals, which then accompany them on their travels and assist them in battle, gaining experience and levels over time. Rangers are also blessed with survival skills that help keep them alive.
  • Ranger/X (varies)
  • Level: 20
  • Nationality: Tyrian
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: Average
  • Created: May 2006
  • Experience: 3,154,494
  • Armor:
  • Norn Armor (with Deldrimor Bandana, all dyed Blue. See Picture.)
  • Deldrimor Armor (with various head masks, Stonefist gauntlets, bronze dye.)
  • Weapons:
  • Sundering Compostite Shortbow of Fortitude (20/20, 15^50, +30hp, q9)
  • Sudnering Aureate Longbow of Enchanting (20/20, 15^50, +20%, q9)
  • Pet:
  • Titles:
  • Other Accomplishments:
  • Completed Prophesies.
  • Completed Factions.
  • Completed Nightfall.
  • Completed Eye of the North.
  • Completed Fissure of Woe.
  • Goals:
  • Complete Guardian Title Tracks
  • Complete Reputation Title Tracks
  • Achieve People Know Me(2)
  • Get Rainbow Phoenix
  • HFFF
  • Other, Notes, etc.:
  • This was, and still is my first character I ever made. While I have, numerous times, made new Rangers to replace this dude, I could never bring myself to delete him. I am now glad I didn't, as he's the best character I play, been the one I use to gain titles and things with. He is good in almost any situation, and can deal out some serious damage to more or less any foe. He's completed FoW, albeit using Ursanway, farmed Tombs, UW and a lot of other places. He's competed in GvG, HA and all other arenas, to some success. He's my best and favorite character. And the one i'll always choose, unless something more specific is called for.

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