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Uh...I'm not good with HTML stuff...

So, to put it simply: I play a lot of GW and PS3, and a bit of Wii, if I find a game I like. You can always find me in GW on wintersday, if not every event, and often on weekends.


           Taka Ragranok: My warrior, also my first good character. Wears 15k Luxon armor!
           Cheney Marr: My Ranger. Wears ancient armor w/ a normal Kurzick mask (i had enough amber)
           Taka the Scythe: Take a guess.
           Audrey Spiritcaller: Obviously, my ritualist. Not a bad setup, really..
             "    Healingmage: My monk! I just made it, and it needs to get leveled.
             "    Truefire: My pre-ele. I might move her out of pre at some point. Or not. Not sure.
           Llyr Ragranok: My other ele. I don't really like Truefire...

I am also working on making an r3 Survivor assassin WITHOUT the use of Kilroy Stonekin's Punch-Out Extravaganza! If you have any ideas you'd be willing to share (besides using scrolls. I know I should. :] ), contact me!

My guild:

My suggestions page for improving Guild Wars:

and for Guild Wars 2:

Events page:

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