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Farming Made Easy (for PRE)[edit]

The Audience for this guide includes players that are:

  • New to Guild Wars.
  • New to PRE.
  • Looking for a quick reference.
  • Veterans looking for an article to improve.

The audience for this guide does not include players that are:

  • Veterans looking for a challenge.
  • Already farming Charr in Northlands.


Even though you can find better cash and prizes by going POSTal, there are three good reasons for newbies to farm in PRE:

  1. All loot is yours (after POSTage, it will be a while before you go nekkid);
  2. Less is more: holiday and dye drops are frequent, because there is so little to drop;
  3. Practice: PRE is the safest place in Guild Wars to practice (no Death Penalty, dumber monsters, and few skills).

PRE Farming Overview[edit]

Area Monsters High Level Foes Impact of Quests on High Level Foes Efficiency and Risk Notes Collect/Farm
Green Hills County Aloe (0)
Bandits (1-3)
Bugs (2)
Elementals (1, 3)
Grawl (1-3)
(none) Warrior's Challenge:
 →adds Agnar (5) (re-doable)
L4-8 mid-risk: No efficient farming strategy. Pro: High ratio of L3:L1. Con: Only one medium density zone (skale/grawl plains near Lakeside border). Inconveient merchant. Belts, Carapaces, E-stones, Necklaces, Seeds, Fins
Lakeside County Aloe (0)
Bandits (1, 2)
Bugs (0, 1)
Grawl (1, 3)
Skale (0-2)
River Skale Brood (4)
Rogue Bull (5)
River Drake (5)
Mesmer's Burden:
 →completion removes Rogue Bull
Trouble in the Woods:
 →adds Vatlaaw Doomtooth (B.6)
 →(visit Town Crier to re-do)
Charr at the Gate:
 →adds Charr (4-5) x4 (re-doable)
L<5 low risk: high density worm farm. Easily reached L5s; conveient merchant. Best route: Bull, Charr @Gate, River Drake, (Bug Stashes), Brood. Belts, Carapaces, Necklaces, Seeds, Fins
Regent Valley Aloe (0)
Bandits (1-3)
Bugs (1-3)
Grawl (1-3)
Pets (2-3)
Skale (1-2)
Melandru's Stalker (5)
Oakheart (5)
(none that add L4+) L4-8 mid-risk: several high density zones, Hunter's Ale; almost conveient merchant. Best high density: spiders on apple route, skale beneath bridge, spiders on hunter route. Oakheart too far. Inconveient merchant. Belts, Carapaces, Hunters Ale, Legs/Webs, Necklaces, Seeds, Fins
The Catacombs Bugs (1-2)
Gargoyles (1, 3)
Nightmare (3)
Skeletons (1, 3)
Tomb Nightmare (3)
Skullreaver (5) (Boss)
(none that add L4+) L4-8 no-risk: high density of Gargoyles (L1) and Skeletons (L1, 3). Efficient run: keep right until bugs (15 min) (if Nightmare drops something primo, visit that area). Add 2 minutes to include spiders. No merchant. Carapaces, Legs/Webs, Skeletal Limbs, Skulls
The Northlands Grawl (2-3) Oakheart (5)
Charr (7-8)
Charr (10) (Boss) x4
(none that add L4+) L8 high risk Charr hunting. Best XP, item hunting. (See the bountiful guides.) Charr Bags, Charr Carvings, Charr Hides, Purples!, Runes & Insignias
Wizard's Folly Aloe (0, 3)
Bandits (1-3)
Bugs (2)
Elementals (1, 3)
Pets (2-3)
Skale (1-2)
(none) Domination Magic:
 →adds River Skale Brood
L4-8 low risk: high density L3s just outside Foible's Fair. Inconveient merchant. Travel to village to farm spiders, Seeds.
Most efficient run seems to be circumnavigation, starting from Foible's Fair.
Belts, Carapaces, E-stones, Icy Stones, Legs/Webs, Necklaces, Seeds, Fins


  • Expect around 1-2 dye from an efficient run.
  • To redo a quest: do not accept the quest reward; instead, abandon the quest when you get back to town.
  • The most efficient farming location is probably The Catacombs, since you can quickly hit two high density spots, covering 3 species of monsters. For lower level characters, the Lakeside County Worm farm (near Ashford Abbey) is ideal.
  • Arguably, it's even more efficient to serve as a Gate monkey. During peak hours, you might be able to earn 300-500Gold in 20 minutes. (The other runs can't compete unless you receive more than your share of Black Dye.)
  • The most efficient XP farm (until Northlands) is Lakeside County, which allows you to knock off 6-7 high level foes in 20 minutes.
  • Although it's tempting to farm an area with a resident Merchant, it's not necessarily more efficient. Even Lakeside County, with its vendor hanging out conveniently close to the Worm farm is not as fast as the Catacomb's gargoyle/skeleton run.

In This Guide

  • Foes of Level 4 are considered high level in PRE.
  • An efficient run allows you to kill enough to fill up your inventory once within 20-30 minutes.
  • Going nekkid: your character is the only party member (pets allowed). (Commonly referred to going solo, although some people might also use that term to being the only human player in a team with Heroes and/or Henchmen.)