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This is my sandbox obviously. Feel welcome to look.

Build Ideas[edit]


Fevered Dreams Team[edit]

  • Composition
    • 1 Fevered Dreams mesmer
    • 2 Monks
    • 1 Condition Assassin
    • 1 Broad Headed Ranger
    • 1 Curse Necro
    • 1 Warrior
    • 1 Paragon
  • Fevered Dreams Mesmer
Fevered Dreams.jpg
Fevered Dreams
The rest can be whatever you feel like.
  • Monks
    • What ever you prefer, usually one healer and one protter.
  • Condition Assassin
Shadow Walk.jpg
Shadow Walk
Black Mantis Thrust.jpg
Black Mantis Thrust
Golden Skull Strike.jpg
Golden Skull Strike
Twisting Fangs.jpg
Twisting Fangs
Blinding Powder.jpg
Blinding Powder
The rest is what your group wants. Suggest to put in critical defenses or critical agility.
  • Broad Headed Ranger
Apply Poison.jpg
Apply Poison
Broad Head Arrow.jpg
Broad Head Arrow
The rest is optional
  • Curse Necro
    • A standard Spiteful Spirit or Feast of Corruption if you really want.
  • Warrior
    • What ever you feel like. Probably a tank for harder areas.
  • Paragon
  • Variants
    • Air Elementalist for Necro
      • Benefits: Can add Blind, weakness, and cracked armor(Could also put in Signet of Infection for disease)
      • Disadvantages: Less AoE
    • Searing Flames Elementalist for Necro
      • Benefits: Lots more damage plus burning
      • Disadvantages: Not as much versatility.

Note: probably wouldn't do good in hard mode... If the Air Elementalist variant is added, the group can apply every condition in the game.

Hex Team[edit]

  • Composition
    • 1 Recurring Insecurity mesmer with other illusion hexes
    • 1 Curses Necro with soul barbs and other curse hexes
    • 1 Water magic elementalist hexer
    • 1 Deadly Arts/Shadow Arts assassin hexer
    • 2 Monks
    • 1 Communing ritualist with hexes for extra spaces.
    • 1 Death Magic Necro
  • Usage
    • Spam all the hexes you can.

Note: Assuming max curse level with necro (16) and with everyone having besides the monks and ritualist having seven hexes, the total damage the group can do to one person is 2170 (Recurring insecurity*Soul barbs*7 hexes*5 people(31*2*7*5=2170(31*2=62*7=434*5=2170))) plus whatever extra effects the hexes have. Not really practical though...

Wiki stuff[edit]

Trying to figure out how to make a show/hide box, but I've been too lazy to go look at other user pages that probably have one.

New Sigs[edit]

The Cabal User The Cabal Sig pic 04.png

The Cabal Snow!!

The Cabal Spring's coming!

The Cabal Spring!

The Cabal Raining all the time...

Test Sigs[edit]

The Cabal Snow!! 02:50, 5 December 2008 (UTC)

The Cabal Spring's coming! 15:18, 7 March 2009 (UTC)

The Cabal Spring! 16:25, 28 March 2009 (UTC)

The Cabal Raining all the time... 22:23, 27 April 2009 (UTC)

To do list[edit]

New User Page layout[edit]

Trying to actually create a decent looking user page.

    Friday 6 December 2019 13:56 UTC

Archive 1Archive 2

Welcome to my User Page
Well, I'm me. I mostly focus on working on Guild Wars 2 suggestions and every once in a great while the Guild Wars 1 suggestions. I am also part of the quest project which I plan to work on more frequently. I'm fairly proficient in basic Wiki and HTML coding. Feel free to ask me for any help.
I also play the actual Guild Wars game as frequently as possible. I've been playing for almost 3 years so I've been with the game almost since the beginning. The game has slowly been deteriorating, power creep, etc. being introduced. But, you work with what you are given and plan to play for a while still, at least until Guild Wars 2 comes out.
About Me
  • Location — Don't need to know you stalker. =]
  • Age — Don't need to know that either. =]
  • Gender — Male
  • Sports — Screwing around with friends, swimming

  • MonkI Will Heal U Good
  • RitualistI Ate My Brother
  • AssassinAssassins Will Rule
  • MesmerU R Going To Die
  • RangerHold This Bomb Plz
  • ElementalistIm Stoned Fool
  • Special Eded Dead (PvP)
  • One open slot at the moment.

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Credits to Calor who I stole most of this from. :)