Yunlai Deathkeeper

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Yunlai Deathkeeper
Mantid Destroyer.jpg
Affiliation Shing Jea Island wildlife
Type Mantid (boss)
Profession Necromancer Necromancer
Level(s) 6 (26)
Campaign Factions
Yunlai Deathkeeper Location.jpg
Location in Sunqua Vale

Yunlai Deathkeeper is a Mantid Drone boss that appears in Sunqua Vale.



Items dropped[edit]


  • It is located in the area where there are two Mantid Hatchlings, but does not always spawn. Killing the two Mantid Hatchlings will cause two Mantid Drones to popup and attack. Killing both the Mantid Drones will cause another three mantids to popup - a Mantid Monitor, a Mantid Drone, and either Yunlai Deathkeeper or a Mantid Darkwing.
  • As noted above, this boss may or may not spawn. If it does not spawn, a level 6 Mantid Darkwing will spawn instead, so just map travel back to the Minister Cho's Estate oupost and make the journey again until Yunlai spawns.
  • Yunlai will always spawn if you adhere strictly to the following approach. When entering the temple and before killing any mantids, go immediately to the left chamber. There you will find a Mantid Monitor: kill it. Next, kill the two Mantid Drone Hatchlings. Two Mantid Drones will popup: kill them, and two Mantid Drones and Yunlai will popup. Killing any other mantid other than the ones mentioned, may prevent Yunlai from appearing.