Ice Imp Form

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Disguise. You are playing as the Ice Imp Polymock piece.

Concise description

Disguise. You are the Ice Imp Piece.


Icon Name Description Energy Activation time Recharge time
Polymock Block.jpg

Polymock Block

Enchantment Spell. (2 seconds.) The next enemy spell that targets you fails. 0 022 Energy 0.25¼0.25¼ Activation time 01212 Recharge time
Polymock Ether Signet.jpg

Polymock Ether Signet

Signet. Gain 10 Energy if you have 0 Energy. 0 0 0011 Activation time 0
Polymock Glyph of Concentration.jpg

Polymock Glyph of Concentration

Glyph. (15 seconds.) Your next spell cannot be interrupted. 0 011 Energy 0011 Activation time 03030 Recharge time
Polymock Glyph of Power.jpg

Polymock Glyph of Power

Glyph. Your next spell that targets a foe deals +200 damage if you are below 50% Health. If you are below 25% Health, your next 2 spells are affected. 0 011 Energy 0011 Activation time 01010 Recharge time
Polymock Ice Spear.jpg

Polymock Ice Spear

Spell. Projectile: deals 120 damage. 0 011 Energy 0011 Activation time 0011 Recharge time
Polymock Icy Prison.jpg

Polymock Icy Prison

Spell. Deals 200 damage. Interrupts a spell. Interruption effect: disables interrupted spell (5 seconds). 0 022 Energy 0.25¼0.25¼ Activation time 03030 Recharge time
Polymock Mind Freeze.jpg

Polymock Mind Freeze

Spell. Deals 400 damage. Deals 400 more damage if you have more Energy than target foe. 0 044 Energy 0011 Activation time 01515 Recharge time
Polymock Power Drain.jpg

Polymock Power Drain

Spell. Interrupts a spell or glyph. Interruption effect: you gain 3 Energy. 0 033 Energy 0.25¼0.25¼ Activation time 02020 Recharge time


  • This disguise is applied when the Ice Imp Polymock piece is selected as the active piece in the Polymock Coliseum.

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