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A special event is an in-game festival of an in-game holiday, although they tend to closely follow some real world celebration. These events are commemorated with special fete-related drops and/or activities, including minigames, festival quests, and decorations of towns and NPCs. Players categorize these events into major events, which offer festival minigames, items (including a festival hat), and a finale; and minor events that might include decorations or seasonal drops, but lack a finale. Since the introduction of weekly bonuses, all special events have been at least a week long, excluding April Fools' Day.

Recurring events[edit]

All times are UTC:

Event Introduced Annual start date1 Size2 Finale in... Redux3 Notes
Canthan New Year 2007 January 31, 20:00
(Chinese New Year)
Major Shing Jea Monastery No Different miniature available from that year's Lunar Fortunes. Shing Jea Boardwalk is open. Quests. Special drop: Lunar Token.
Lucky Treats Week 2007 March 14, 19:00
(St. Patrick's Day)
Minor No No Special drops: Four-Leaf Clover and Shamrock Ale
April Fools' Day 2007 April 1, 07:01
(April Fools' Day)
Minor No No Quests.
Sweet Treats Week 2007 April 10, 19:00
Minor No No Special drops: Chocolate Bunny and Golden Egg
Anniversary Celebration 2006 April 22, 19:00
(Guild Wars Prophecies release)
Minor No No Shing Jea Boardwalk is open. Elite Xunlai Agent Isa Ku and Sadie Salvitas appear. Special drops: Battle Isle Iced Tea, Birthday Cupcake, Bottle Rocket, Champagne Popper, Delicious Cake, Hard Apple Cider, Honeycomb, Hunter's Ale, Krytan Brandy, Party Beacon, Sparkler, Sugary Blue Drink, and Victory Token.
Dragon Festival 2006 June 27, 19:00 Major Shing Jea Monastery 2007 Shing Jea Boardwalk is open. Mini-missions and quests. Special drop: Victory Token.
Wintersday in July 2008 July 24, 19:00 Minor No No Dwayna Vs Grenth. Special drops: Eggnog, Frosty Tonic, Fruitcake, Mischievous Tonic, and Snowman Summoner.
Wayfarer's Reverie 2012 August 25, 19:00
(Guild Wars 2 release)
Minor No No Quests. Special drop: Wayfarer's Mark.
Pirate Week 2008 September 13, 19:00
(Talk Like a Pirate Day)
Minor No No NPCs talk like a pirate (and some will look like one). Special drop: Bottle of Grog.
Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2010 October 1, 07:01
(Breast Cancer Awareness Month)
Minor No No Sadie Salvitas appears.
Halloween 2005 October 18, 19:00
Major Lion's Arch,
Quests. Costume Brawl. Scarred Psyche. Halloween trophy collectors. Special drops: Trick-or-Treat Bags.
Special Treats Week 2007 November 21, 20:00
(American Thanksgiving)
Minor No No Special drops: Hard Apple Cider and Slice of Pumpkin Pie
Wintersday 2005 December 19, 20:00 Major Lion's Arch,
2009 Quests. Dwayna Vs Grenth. The Great Snowball Fight of the Gods (PvP). Wintersday trophy collectors. Special drops: Candy Cane Shard, Eggnog, Frosty Tonic, Fruitcake, Mischievous Tonic, and Snowman Summoner.

1 Source. Includes the corresponding real-world event in parentheses. It is coincidental if the dates match.
2 Major events offer a finale and one or two quests that allow you to acquire a festival hat per quest. Minor events might include decorations and/or drops, but lack a finale.
3 A redux event repeats most or all of the festivities; they are offered to make up for a bug or service interruption that prevented a notable proportion of the community from enjoying the original event.
4 A Halloween 2011 encore was arranged to provide festival hats to those unable to join the finale due to power outages on the east coast of the United States (source).

Special occasion events[edit]

These events took place to commemorate a special occasion.

Event Date Celebration of Size2
Day of the Tengu April 27, 2006 Pre-release of Factions Major
Guild Wars Nightfall PvP Preview Event July 28 - 30, 2006 Three-day beta of Nightfall available to all GW players Major
Visit Eye of the North for the Holidays Winter 2007 Five-hour trial of EotN available to all GW players Minor
Farewell to Gaile April 4 - 6, 2008 Gaile Gray's tenure as community manager Major

Player-organized events[edit]

Past player-events[edit]

There have been too many player-organized events to list them all.

Annual player-events

These events were organized by the same group and held more than once.

Other events
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Special events
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April Fools' Day 20072008200920102011201220132014 onward
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Dragon Festival 20062007 (Redux) • 2008200920102011201220132014 onward
Wintersday in July 2008200920102011201220132014 onward
Halloween 2005200620072008 (Redux) • 20092010201120122013
Wintersday 20052006200720082009 (Redux) • 2010201120122013 onward
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Special Treats WeekSweet Treats WeekWayfarer's Reverie
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