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Third Anniversary Celebration

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[edit] The Guild Wars Third Anniversary Celebration

It's that time again! Three years ago this Monday, Guild Wars was launched and players entered the world of Tyria for the very first time. Now, the franchise stands tall with two additional campaigns, an expansion, and an eagerly anticipated sequel on the way.

We couldn't have done it without the loyal support of each and every one of you. Whether you stepped into Ascalon in 2005 or if you've just created your first character, we'd like to thank you with a celebration in your honor.

The festivities begin on Thursday, April 24 after the live update, running until Noon on Tuesday, April 29. Read on for details about all the fun!

Pic Item
Thursday, April 24 Cupcake.gif After the live update, you can replay the Hell's Precipice end mission for a brand new reward.

Birthday Cupcakes begin to drop from creatures.

As an added treat, fireworks displays will start to light up the sky every hour in Lion's Arch, Shing Jea Monastery, Kamadan, and the Great Temple of Balthazar.

Friday, April 25 Rollerbeetle.gif Starting at Noon Pacific (-7 GMT), the Boardwalk will re-open in the Shing Jea Monastery.

NPCs will provide access to Rollerbeetle Racing and the Dragon Arena from Lion's Arch, Shing Jea Monastery, Kamadan, and the Great Temple of Balthazar

Monday, April 28 Minipet2.gif Starting at 12:01 AM Pacific, third year miniatures will become available. (Remember that birthday gifts are given all year round, so you will receive your gift on the personal birthday (creation date) of each character on your account.)

[edit] New End Game Rewards

Saving the world may be all in a day's work for some, but heroic efforts should still be rewarded. To commemorate the third anniversary of Guild Wars, players who complete Hell's Precipice (the final mission of the original campaign) will receive a Deldrimor Talisman. This end-game trophy can be exchanged for one of the new Deldrimor weapons

As an early anniversary present, we'll open up this special end-game addition on Thursday, April 24 after the live update. Even if you've already completed the campaign, replay the Hell's Precipice mission to receive your due reward.

[edit] Let the Games Begin!

Celebrate with the good citizens of Shing Jea Monastery, who have reopened their ever-popular Boardwalk—to those who have access to Shing Jea, of course—for the anniversary celebration. Whether you're feeling Lucky or just want to kick back and have a good time, the games of chance along the Shing Jea Boardwalk will certainly have what you're looking for.

For those of you with a competitive streak, compete at the Dragon Arena and race at the Rollerbeetle Track. These unique PvP events will be accessible from Lion's Arch, Shing Jea Monastery, Kamadan, and the Great Temple of Balthazar.

[edit] Returning Rewards

If you're going to celebrate right, you need cake! Starting on Thursday, you'll find Birthday Cupcakes during your adventures, whether by defeating foes or by exchanging Victory Tokens for them.

Monday, April 28 is when the much-anticipated birthday presents begin arriving. Starting at 12:01 AM Pacific, players who have characters turning three years old will find a gift in their inventories—one of a new set of miniatures created especially for this birthday celebration. Characters turning one or two will receive a wrapped miniature from that corresponding set of past Guild Wars birthday presents. Birthday gifts are given year round, so you will receive your gift on the personal birthday (creation date) of each character on your account.

As a grand addition to our celebration, fireworks displays will light up the skies in Lion's Arch, Shing Jea Monastery, Kamadan, and the Great Temple of Balthazar every hour starting after the live update on April 24 and running through Noon Pacific (-7 GMT) on April 29.

Don't miss this event. After all, Guild Wars only turns three once!

We would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support, and wish you the best of adventures in the coming year. Enjoy the celebration!

[edit] Schedule

  • Thursday, 24 April – Birthday Cupcakes start dropping. End game area appears for Prophecies.
  • Friday, 25th April – Roller Beetle racing, Dragon Arena and Shing Jea Boardwalk open in Lions Arch, Kamadan and Shing jea Monastery. NPCs Appear. Firework displays happen hourly.

[edit] Special event items

[edit] Mini-games

[edit] Special event NPCs

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