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Disambig icon.png This article is about the arena. For the outpost, see Dragon Arena (outpost).

Dragon Arena
Dragon Arena map.jpg
Region Kaineng City
Victory condition Kill Count
Party size 6
Allowed levels Any
Priest/Obelisk Resurrection Shrine
Effect Spirit of the Festival Spirit of the Festival

The Dragon Arena is a PvP arena set in a modified version of the Imperial Isle guild hall that is accessible only during Shing Jea Boardwalk events by talking to Captain Li Sah.

Game mechanics[edit]

The game format resembles dodgeball as all players, regardless of profession, are equipped with a skillset that allows them to throw a "ball" and run quickly to dodge their opponents' balls. All life and armor is also standardized through the environment effect Spirit of the Festival, and dead players are resurrected at a shrine every 30 seconds. Teams consist of 6 randomly chosen players, and to win a team must accumulate 20 kills before its opponent. In case of a tie, both teams lose.

Note: Dying while competing in the Dragon Arena will not be counted against players who are progressing towards a Survivor Title; however, no experience points are gained either.


Dragon Blast.jpg
Dragon Blast
Imperial Majesty.jpg
Imperial Majesty
Trade Winds.jpg
Trade Winds
Resurrection Signet.jpg
Resurrection Signet
Resurrection Signet.jpg
Resurrection Signet
Resurrection Signet.jpg
Resurrection Signet
Resurrection Signet.jpg
Resurrection Signet
Resurrection Signet.jpg
Resurrection Signet


Each team member receives:

Combat tips[edit]

  • Keep Trade Winds up at all times to maximize dodging ability. Cast it just before encountering opponents and retreat from nearby opponents before the effect wears off. If it isn't possible to retreat far enough to recast, attempt to time activation just after dodging Dragon Blasts.
  • Use "click-to-move." Using your mouse to move instead of your keyboard will ensure you run at maximum speed whatever direction you may be running.
  • Against players who tend to shoot at maximum range, dodge first before returning fire. Be aware of the position of other enemy players as it is often necessary to dodge multiple times before returning fire. It can be useful to kite your opponents closer to your teammates for aid.
  • Watch for players using Imperial Majesty, as they can't control their movement and are therefore easy to kill.
  • Against players who are adept at dodging, it is necessary to use Dragon Blast at closer range to minimize flight time of the ball. Once you are at at about half of the max range, use Dragon Blast to make dodging more difficult. It's necessary to close in further for expert dodgers.
  • At very close range, use Imperial Majesty to knock down your opponent before he can use Dragon Blast. Another use for this skill is as a delaying mechanism. If you have already used your Dragon Blast, Imperial Majesty could give your teammate the time to make the kill or allow you to make a getaway.
  • It is inadvisable to resurrect teammates whose bodies are near opponents. Resurrections occur every 30 seconds anyway and you will be very vulnerable while resurrecting. Once resurrected, your teammate will also be very vulnerable because he will not have Trade Winds on him.
  • Hitting the Esc button will cancel skill activation. It is often beneficial to cancel your Dragon Blast or Trade Winds mid-activation and dodge if you observe your target (or his/her teammate) activating a Dragon Blast aimed at you at the same time.
  • Keep track of your position in relation to your teammates and attack your opponents from opposite sides when possible. It is much more difficult to dodge attacks coming from two sides than one.
  • Go for the easy kill first. Skill level will vary widely among your opponents. If you encounter an adept dodger early, it may be beneficial to disengage from him and focus on another (hopefully easier) target. Once his teammates have been eliminated, you can press your numerical advantage against the highly skilled player.
  • Opponents resurrected at the shrine are invulnerable for several seconds. Do not camp too close to the shrine expecting to score an easy kill.
  • Pillars and walls obstruct Dragon Blasts, but note that because of rubber-banding and angle of attack it is sometimes hard to judge line of sight. Campers hide behind pillars and use Dragon Blast to kill anyone attempting to kill them while they are obstructed by the pillar.
  • Increasing the length of the target's skill monitor and moving it to a more central location on the screen can assist in precision dodging. Increasing the radar size can assist in recognizing threats from multiple directions.
  • Don't use Dragon Blast on people activating Trade Winds unless you are at close range.

GvG approximation[edit]

It is possible to approximate the Dragon Arena in GvG Imperial Isle scrimmages. Both sides play Me/E 105hp fast casters and use:

Me/E Spirit of the Festival
Lightning Orb.jpg
Lightning Orb
Windborne Speed.jpg
Windborne Speed
Lyssa's Aura.jpg
Lyssa's Aura
Waste Not, Want Not.jpg
Waste Not, Want Not
Air Attunement.jpg
Air Attunement
Power Return.jpg
Power Return
Persistence of Memory.jpg
Persistence of Memory
Fast Casting: 11+3+1
Inspiration Magic: 6+3
Air Magic: 12
Note: The skills used continue to evolve. This is only one example of several possible skillbars used.
Skill infomation


  • Since none of the skills are spells, none of the skills are linked to any attribute, none deal conditions and none cost energy; and since players can't attack, and max Health and Energy are fixed, no equipment properties have any effect at all in this arena.
  • Sync enters are often organized between players working on the higher tiers of the Gamer title. Defeating these teams with a non-sync team can be difficult and frustrating. However, it also provides one of the few opportunities for completely new players to face off directly against a group of highly experienced and organized players in a setting that can be picked up and understood in a short amount of time.
Anomaly Anomaly.Unlike Rollerbeetle Racing, characters on an account that does not have Guild Wars Factions cannot participate in Dragon Arena (i.e. they cannot enter the Dragon Arena outpost).


  • This game is often referred to as "DA" or "dodgeball", but is sometimes referred to as "dragon ball" in a play on words.
  • This game was inspired by 1v1 cripshot fights, and was originally conceived by players and played in Guild vs Guild matches. They first used these skills:
Lightning Orb.jpg
Lightning Orb
Windborne Speed.jpg
Windborne Speed
Elemental Attunement.jpg
Elemental Attunement
Air Attunement.jpg
Air Attunement
Resurrection Signet.jpg
Resurrection Signet

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