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See also: Category:Weapons with an unusual damage type

A list of weapons that uses a name, function, or skin of another weapon that does not share the same weapon type.
The oldest and most notable example(s) include the Ogre-Slaying Knife and Longbow (Across the Wall). There have been more weapons of that type since Guild Wars Beyond, most notably the Imperial Guard Weapons.

Additionally this category contains weapons that appear the same name as regularily available weapons, but appear with a different skin in only a single instance. This included mostly pre-Searing quest rewards.

Unique weapon Type Skin Usual skin type
Alari's Double Blades Daggers Gladius Sword
Decade Daggers "High Noon" Daggers Fiery Gladius Sword
Decade Rod "All the World" Wand Jade Sword Sword
Decade Rod "Antipode Alloy" Wand Elemental Sword Sword
Decade Rod "Undying Service" Wand Dead Sword Sword
Ogre-Slaying Knife Sword Grim Cesta (knife) Focus item
Shattered Illusion Wand Storm Artifact Focus item
The People's Will Wand Paper Fan Focus item
Xun Rao's Command Scythe Bo Staff Staff
Xun Rao's Justice Wand Katana Sword
Xun Rao's Quill Shield Stilletos Daggers
Uncommon and rare
Non-unique weapon Type Skin Usual skin type
Fan of Purity Wand Paper Fan Focus item
Focus of Purity Focus item Chromium Shards Dagger
Long Sword (crystalline) Sword Crystalline Sword
Longbow (Across the Wall) Flatbow Recurve Bow Recurve Bow
Longbow (The Hunter's Horn) Flatbow Half Moon Shortbow
Tall Shield (Bandit Raid) Shield Stone Summit Shield
Tall Shield (Buckler) Shield Wooden Buckler
War Hammer (Trouble in the Woods) Hammer Foehammer