Death with Honor

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Death with Honor
Section Shing Jea Island Quests
Campaign Factions

(Canthan only)

Given by Yorrt Strongjaw
in Jaya Bluffs
(Shing Jea Island)
Type Secondary quest
Death with Honor map.jpg
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Help Yorrt Strongjaw die in the glory of battle and prove his honorable death to his family.

Quest information[edit]



  • Find a group of enemies that can grant Yorrt Strongjaw death with honor.
  • Take Yorrt Strongjaw's club to his son Trrok.
  • See Trrok Strongjaw for your reward.



Lead Yorrt Strongjaw to the indicated quest area, killing any Tengu or Yeti you encounter along the way. Once you are close to the quest area, Yorrt will run toward it on his own. Do not follow Yorrt or help him kill any Tengu in this area. Just run away and wait a few minutes. Yorrt will die and drop his Club. Now go back to the quest area and kill all Tengu. Pick up Yorrt Strongjaw's Club and take it to his son, Trrok Strongjaw, to finish the quest.



Ogres (Yeti)


Tengu (Sensali)


Initial dialogue[edit]

Yorrt Strongjaw
"Stupid human! Yorrt Strongjaw was to die in battle. Tengu was worthy foe. Yorrt Strongjaw is old Yeti. Yeti die of old age, no honor. Family scorned. Shunned. Tengu would have given Yorrt Strongjaw death with honor. Yorrt Strongjaw could kill you, but no honor come from killing puny human. Still... maybe human not so stupid? Maybe human help Yorrt Strongjaw? Find Yorrt Strongjaw brave Tengu warriors. Enemies worthy of Yeti. Yorrt Strongjaw face them and kill them. Do this, and human get reward from Trrok Strongjaw, son of Yorrt. When Yorrt Strongjaw dies with honor, take club. Strongjaw Clan will not attack human that carry club of Yorrt Strongjaw. What say human?"
Yes Accept: "I'll do it. You will die with honor."
No Decline: "Don't call me stupid!"
Ask Ask: "Human find Yorrt Strongjaw enemies worthy of name, or Yort Strongjaw cannot die with honor."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Trrok Strongjaw
"Human carry club of Yorrt Strongjaw. Trrok Strongjaw see feathers and Tengu blood on club... Trrok Strongjaw can see Yorrt Strongjaw died with honor. Human honors Strongjaw clan by returning club of Yorrt Strongjaw. Human take this offering, and go. Trrok Strongjaw thanks human, but human should not think human and Trokk Strongjaw friends. Next time Trrok Strongjaw meet human, Trrok Strongjaw give human death with honor."


  • This quest is useful to farm Feathers, since it causes additional groups of Sensali to spawn.
  • This quest is (normally) mutually exclusive with The Rite of Valor, depending on which boss dies first.
    • Gull Hookbeak's death leads to this quest.
    • Yorrt Strongjaw's death leads to the other.
Bug Bug.It is possible to complete both Death with Honor and The Rite of Valor by entering the area with another player who has not completed either quest.