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The Bonus Mission Pack was a great addition that got many players to use the online store, whilst offering players a look into pivitol moments in the past of certain characters which were emphasized in Lore. Around this section there has been a few suggestions for a second mission pack, and this suggestion is the same.

However, I approached this Mission Pack differently - this pack is based around pivotal moments in the history of the races which we will get to play in Guild Wars 2. As such, if sticking with the "bonus" side of the wording, the pack could be offered as a freebie for those who pre-order Guild Wars 2, and also as an online transaction of equivalent price, allowing as other posters have said, extra funds for the Beyond content or simply for the overall budget.

The Missions[edit]

Asura - First Contact (Viiya's Story)[edit]

Players will be put in the body of Viiya, an Asuran Geomancer as her krewe becomes the first contact with the Destroyers. They will have to warn a connecting settlement of the dangers, prompting the first evacuation to the surface of the world.

Charr - Heretics (Pyre's Story)[edit]

Players will take control of Pyre Fierceshot as he leads his warband to their first major act of rebellion against the Shaman caste's rule - the destruction of the Temple of Everlasting Flame, and the death of it's warden, Heirophant Flametender.

Alt Mission - Pilgrimage (Burntsoul's Story)[edit]

Players will take control of Rage Burntsoul, the leader of the Burnt warband as they attempt to eradicate some humans spies and ultimately are introduced to the Titans. Players will then have to prove their worth to these new gods. (This mission casts players as villains, and thus is a second choice for a Charr focussed mission)

Humans - Saving Grace (Doric's Story)[edit]

Players will take on the role of Doric the Brave as he traverses the warzone around the city of Arah and undergoes the gods challenges to be granted the audience which saves the human race for extinction.

Alt Mission - The Fall of Arah (Khilbron's Story)[edit]

Players will take on the role of Vizier Khilbron as he uses the chaos of the invasion of Orr to head into the underground vaults and "save" the holy city of Arah by means of the Lost Scrolls. This mission shows players the events directly leading to The Cataclysm. (Like the Charr mission above, this casts players as a villain, and thus is second choice for a Human mission)

Norn - Hunting the Wild (Signy's Story)[edit]

Players will fill the shoes of Signy Shadowstalker, the first Norn to become the Bear, as she hunts the pray that not only gained her and her race that ability, but made her a legend; and entity known only as the Wild Hunt.

Silvari - War Never Changes (Ronan and Ventari's Story)[edit]

Note; As the Silvari are not actually present in the timeline of Guild Wars, their mission focuses on the precursor to their existance.

Players will alternate between the viewpoints of two characters, Ronan and Ventari, as they both struggle to find peace in a world wracked by war. They will have the opportunity to see how Ronan ended up in the fateful cave, his vengeance to claim those who destroyed his home, and the grace of Ventari as he stood beside him in grief.


For more info on each of the missions, please click the names. I've put wiki pages up for how I would concept the missions. Note that there may be spoilers in the info within.

Please also note that whilst the Mission pages themselves are located under the Feedback space, because of title limits the info on the books, are linked to my user page under the normal user space.


The last part of the suggestion is simple - I would suggest that instead of the usual rewards of a set of weapons per mission, players would be given either a Medal of Honor, Imperial Guard Requisition Order or Elonian equivalent for completing the missions and the discovery modes within. This will not only break the monotony of farming for these icons as part of the Beyond dailies, but will also give those players who are unable to complete the War in Kryta or Winds of Change content for any reason the ability to fill out their Hall of Monuments.