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Gaile Gray Talk Wednesday April 25, 2007


Complete Log

Gaile Gray: Yes. I read "third quarter" like you do Third Quarter begins July 1, ends September 30th

Gaile Gray: I will go ask about the PvE-only skills. BRB

Gaile Gray: I just talked to some skill guys, and they've already made up a bunch of the PvE only skills

Gaile Gray: So I can't get a deadline but it can't be long now :)

Gaile Gray: TY Plip

Gaile Gray: No, I don't have a list from which I can give skill examples. l'm sorry

Gaile Gray: James is in a meeting. so l cannot ask about the timeline for the SR changes.

Gaile Gray: But I suspect that may be what the meeting is about )

Gaile Gray: As for Mesmers, you can tell from James' notes that they are very much on the team's minds.

Gaile Gray: And I'd hope for some decisions to come along soon.

Gaile Gray: I cannot sign things, sorry.

Gaile Gray: Thanks, Queen! :)

Gaile Gray: And why we do not have all or nothing, I cannot say. It's an intriguing observation.

Gaile Gray: But then, Rangers are lacking a certain element in connection with Beast Mastery... ;)

Gaile Gray: The box of entries for the Design a Weapon Contest Is frighteningly huge. judging.:)

Gaile Gray: It's nice to meet you tool :)

Gaile Gray: The screens are gorgeous! You can see them on the Birthday Page now!

Gaile Gray: I will ask about expanding parties to include more heroes.

Gaile Gray: Consider, trough, the interface Issues. 7 Hero menus!

Gaile Gray: TY, MD

Gaile Gray: I have not heard of plans to show DP and other effects on henchies, no. I can ask if that's coming.

Gaile Gray: I think that henchies are to heroes as pets are to nec minions.

Gaile Gray: There is just a higher level of info, and management, with the former.

Gaile Gray: This is, btw, a good thing. :)

Gaile Gray: If you wrote to Community about a Support issue, like territory changes, that's why you have not heard.:)

Gaile Gray: Phone brb

Gaile Gray: Back.

Gaile Gray: Wow, I did not know that chests only opened with death of opponents. Let me ask about that.

Gaile Gray: Hold on.

Gaile Gray: I just asked Andrew, and he opened a chest in battle, with monsters still alive, this week.

Gaile Gray: So are you sure that they only open when the monsters are fully dead?

Gaile Gray: Sorry back.

Gaile Gray: I thought I could have a nice chat and I keep getting Interrupted. :)

Gaile Gray: OH Appear?

Gaile Gray: I saw chests last night, they appeared when the monsters were present.

Gaile Gray: You should write to Support, point out the ones with which you have Issues, It would be a help

Gaile Gray: And I find the idea that you want the ability to be "completely naked" a little alarming, fella. :)

Gaile Gray: I mean, come on, it's a computer game! :)

Gaile Gray: I have heard that most uses for BalthFaction would be good, and I see your point.

Gaile Gray: On the other hand, at some point, many things become less useful. Like XP. ;)

Gaile Gray: Plip, you should keep those, but thank you. :)

Gaile Gray: As I mentioned a few minutes ago (but I appreciate you may only have just arrived)...

Gaile Gray: The skill team is working on the PvE-only skills. In fact they may be done and ready to head to testing.

Gaile Gray: While that doesn't give us a hard deadline, it's an indication they are close!

Gaile Gray: I mean, what effort is there in dying?

Gaile Gray: El Mejor, err... ? ;)

Gaile Gray: in all honesty, I don't see SR returning to its former overpowered self.. ;)(

Gaile Gray: However, adjustments, and a more "elegant" solution will be found to the issues that it's change solved.

Gaile Gray: I have asked for more details about Hall of Monuments, Because I do not know how It Is intended to work.

Gaile Gray: TY Jaina.

Gaile Gray: Marriage is fine, but I recommend a long courtship.

Gaile Gray: Oh wait... ;)

Gaile Gray: In game marriage is probably not something that will be supported in GW.

Gaile Gray: It is something that we would look at for GW2, of course.

Gaile Gray: All player ideas will be considered, and weighted, and included, when possible.

Gaile Gray: Well, except that "naked guy's" idea. ;) ;)

Gaile Gray: Bowing game! Nice!!!

Gaile Gray: You could roll, like, Undead skulls! :)

Gaile Gray: There are no helms for the birthday weekend. Only birthday gifts for 2-year-old chars.

Gaile Gray: Better still!

Gaile Gray: I just hope when we do minis, we do a rollerbettle. :)

Gaile Gray: People like that character make me hit "mute." :)

Gaile Gray: Thinking... I would say that kiting was intended. especially in HM. Tell me...

Gaile Gray: Are you seeing the Heroes do LESS kiting in HM than normal?

Gaile Gray: Well, ok, they don't so much in normal, so...

Gaile Gray: Heroes and Henchies would, in my mind, more logically kite in HM than normal.

Gaile Gray: Andrewill pass that to QA

Gaile Gray: I believe that I read that yes, there will be bonuses or special qualities by race.

Gaile Gray: Not like Attributes. but like attributes or qualities. Maybe the Charr have different tendencies than...

Gaile Gray: ... the Asura. that sort of thing.

Gaile Gray: We have not yet announced the professions for GW2.

Gaile Gray: How could we do that? How could we limit the silver/gold cape to those who earned it?

Gaile Gray: You see, it's a guild-wide Benefit. Do you mean that it would not go to those who joined after the tourney?

Gaile Gray: No news on mounts in GW2

Gaile Gray: Waking may come, in Guild Wars 2 I would like that, too

Gaile Gray: There will not be prizes for this weekend's rollerbeetle beyond the regular ones

Gaile Gray: I don't know about marrying between species, and someone asked the interesting question of cross-species guilds

Gaile Gray: I figure we'd think both were just fine, imo

Gaile Gray: I would like to find a way to "make" people use trade, you bet!

Gaile Gray: Oh you silly. "Nerf Underworld." Play in Hard Mode! :)

Gaile Gray: Thanks, I will tell the team you are enjoying HM

Gaile Gray: Norm, are you sure about that?

Gaile Gray: Yes, Norm, of course I do (You can't spam, or all cap, silly!)

Gaile Gray: TY Norm

Gaile Gray: I'm sorry, but the Howitzer, the Bazooka, and the Light Saber have been rejected for GW2 ;)

Gaile Gray: TY Kara :)

Gaile Gray: I know, you wanted that spiffy light sabre more than anything! :)

Gaile Gray: Yes, the CE for GW EN is still decidedly on the table. I do believe it will come to be, but have no official word on

Gaile Gray: it. :)

Gaile Gray: However, I don't know that you'll need or use the cape. :)

Gaile Gray: TY, Satella. :)

Gaile Gray: Guys, the whole rank spiking thing? I think it's great!

Gaile Gray: So honestly, you can spike your hearts out -- I love the emotes. :)

Gaile Gray: I know that some people find rank spikes rude, I think they're cool

Gaile Gray: Of course I'm not dead... that might make it a tad less friendly. :D

Gaile Gray: I think the testing for ATS rolls up this Friday

Gaile Gray: We have no plans to add an auction house to Guild Wars. Perhaps it will be something for GW2, I don't know

Gaile Gray: As far as I know, HA is still being looked at, and there will likely be more changes in the next month or two

Gaile Gray: Yes, players may want an easy way to sell and they may have that in Guild Wars 2 But from what I

Gaile Gray: we won't be adding an auction house to Guild Wars

Gaile Gray: I think we'll have a guild wars cape design contest soon, yes!

Gaile Gray: I would be cool to see new designs based on GW:EN

Gaile Gray: TY Cow

Gaile Gray: What sorts of changes to HM are you asking about? You mention zones...??

Gaile Gray: No new god realms that I know about but I don't know all that's planned. :)

Gaile Gray: I know that players have asked for implementation of the Nightfall armour system into Proph and Factions

Gaile Gray: Do you feel, as a player, that it would be fair to give those who did not purchase Nightfall that system?

Gaile Gray: Or would you prefer to keep it for those who own Nightfall??

Gaile Gray: Oh. dear. I cannot confirm that the Rank 15 is Binky, no. That would be telling.

Gaile Gray: However, if Binky were a Gerbil, and a spelling bee champion, mat would have a certain poetry,

Gaile Gray: Answered that exact treasure hunter title some tine ago.

Gaile Gray: Yes, the birthday gifts go like this:

Gaile Gray: Gifts are personal, not based on a game's release date.

Gaile Gray: If you made a char on Day One, you get a gift. But whenever you made your char, at one year...

Gaile Gray: he or she will get a gift, and a year two, a gift from the second series.

Gaile Gray: You're welcome for the 15K armour. That was nice, and a completely surprised, I think. :)

Gaile Gray: Yes, this girl will get a gift this weekend.

Gaile Gray: Most of mine are not a full 2 years old, so I get birthday gifts throughout the year.

Gaile Gray: That is an excellent question: I will ask if GW:EN armour will be inscribable!

Gaile Gray: They made an IPOD with the Guild Wars skin. In Europe. I never got one. *cry*

Gaile Gray: It's beautiful. *sob*

Gaile Gray: Favourite Mini: Is probably the Bone Dragon. Rurik and Shiro are extra nice, too. And the Kirin!

Gaile Gray: My Kirin is out now.

Gaile Gray: Not inscribable, sorry.

Gaile Gray: Insigniable

Gaile Gray: That thing you do. :)

Gaile Gray: Wait, wait, you guys: Hard Mode in UW is "Too EASY!?"

Gaile Gray: If you look at the 2nd Birthday banner, you have a hint of the b'day gifts. :)

Gaile Gray: I understand from the design team that there will be provisions to carry on with guilds/alliances in GW2.

Gaile Gray: Thanks, Glow. :)

Gaile Gray: TY, Kristin.

Gaile Gray: Andrew was pointing out: There may be a Fissure of Woe in GW2. Who knows?

Gaile Gray: I there was, there may be FoW armour, again, we don't know yet

Gaile Gray: I prefer Charr. Charr > about everything

Gaile Gray: No, NPC's, Guild Hall... things like that will not transfer to GW2.

Gaile Gray: It's a whole new game. You didn't carry over your Rogue to D2. :)

Gaile Gray: Aww, thanks, Albireo.

Gaile Gray: I think that in GW:EN you will get new kinds of armour. If you want the others, you can visit those lands.

Gaile Gray: Thanks, Christina!

Andrew Patrick: Money will not transfer to GW2, no. It is Yeeeeeears later.

Gaile Gray: No date for GW:EN, but we know it will be Third Quarter of this year, so not long!

Andrew Patrick: But mere would be some serious interest if it did ;)

Gaile Gray: TY Furia.

Gaile Gray: Andrew is on my team. He's ok. :)

Gaile Gray: (Some of the time. Other times, I'm not so sure.)

Andrew Patrick: heh

Gaile Gray: Andrew is on the Community Team

Gaile Gray: We have more than one Andrew. :)

Gaile Gray: Andrew works with our fansites, and our guilds of the week and other stuff.

Andrew Patrick: But I was here first so :P

Gaile Gray: Well, yes, you're Andrew the First. :)

Gaile Gray: We honestly can NOT make that stuff. :(

Gaile Gray: I don't know how guilds will carry over; maybe repurchase will not be necessary I cannot say.

Gaile Gray: I will ask about that "easier UW" thing. That just seems so wrong, in HM!

Gaile Gray: YES. Even with the release of GW2, we will support Guild Wars, for certain.

Gaile Gray: Yes, i hope that we will someday have a full Quest Log.

Gaile Gray: It helps us older folk with memory loss. :D:D

Gaile Gray: I'm 108. I can be forgiven a little memory loss.

Gaile Gray: No, there will be no new professions in GW:EN and no new char slots.

Gaile Gray: Yes, I play the game almost every day, on my own time.

Gaile Gray: (Too busy during the day.)

Andrew Patrick: I can vouch for mat!

Gaile Gray: And no one controls The Frog; I believe it could be said he more controls us!

Andrew Patrick: We are going to ask about the UW thing, fear not.

Gaile Gray: Andrew is on the Community Team; he does not do skill balancing. He finds a lot of bugs, though, because he plays a l

Gaile Gray: LOT

Gaile Gray: PVE only skills: No date yet

Gaile Gray: No such things as the Ultimate Collection, that's true. I can ask if we'll consider it, though.

Gaile Gray: Could you explain the Jennurs Horde bug??

Gaile Gray: Please do not use all caps.

Gaile Gray: We will continue to look at armour to see if it needs changing, yes.

Gaile Gray: The Designers may decide to change it, I don't know about that at this time.

Gaile Gray: I JUST answered about armour.

Gaile Gray: Ok. Andrew will send that to QA, the BTD bug

Gaile Gray: Oh, Cows, I see. Jennurs, that is?

Gaile Gray: See, I killed the Harbingers and I don't have Masters, and maybe I had the bug!!

Gaile Gray: I need Masters. Hate when I don't get it. :)

Gaile Gray: I think you'll need a separate account for GW2, since it's a new game.

Andrew Patrick: Is the Jennurs Horde bug only in Hardmode, because I finished it with masters on Normal no problem.

Gaile Gray: If you guys are coming to PAX, we may be having a few "play with the Devs" matches. :)

Gaile Gray: Yes, GMs FTW. :)

Gaile Gray: If you come to PAX, yes, you can join my team when we have a match there.:)

Gaile Gray: No word on gender or face changes

Gaile Gray: Yes, let's conga!!

Gaile Gray: Skill ideas: Fan Forums- we read them daily.

Andrew Patrick: PAX is the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle. Lots of fun :D

Andrew Patrick: ProIly... massive?

Gaile Gray: Come on, shy ones: Dance!

Gaile Gray: No name changes in the near future but perhaps it's something that we can offer in the later future.

Gaile Gray: Post ideas, suggestions and even bugs on fan forums. We read every day!\

Gaile Gray: Thanks for the visit guys -- talk to you soon, \ hope!

Gaile Gray: And thanks for your kind words! I will pass mem along to the team!

Andrew Patrick: Later all, I will pass on your bugs to QA :)

Andrew Patrick: Thank you Furia