Guardsman Noell

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Guardsman Noell
Ascalon guard m.jpg
Affiliation Ascalon Army
Type Human
Profession Warrior Warrior
Service Collector
Level(s) 5
Campaign Prophecies
Guardsman Noell map.jpg
Location in Eastern Frontier
Eastern Frontier collectors map.jpg

Guardsman Noell is a collector, a type of NPC that exchanges trophies for items.




"I'm searching for 3 Ornate Grawl Necklaces. I can offer you one of the following items in exchange. Can you help me?"

Collector items[edit]

Guardsman Noell[edit]

Location: Eastern Frontier
Collecting: 3 Ornate Grawl Necklaces

Item Stats Requirement Weapon bonuses Value
Inscribed Staff Energy +4
Chaos damage: 4-7
3 Domination Magic 15 Gold
Cruel Staff Energy +4
Dark damage: 4-7
3 Blood Magic 15 Gold
Earth Staff Energy +4
Earth damage: 4-7
3 Earth Magic Armor +5 (vs Lightning damage)
Armor +3 (while casting)
Armor +3 (while Enchanted)
Armor +3 (while Hexed)
15 Gold
Wicked Staff Energy +3
Dark damage: 4-7
3 Curses 15 Gold
Crimson Carapace Shield Armor: 6 4 Tactics Armor +5 (while Attacking)
Armor -5 (while casting)
15 Gold
Air Wand Lightning damage: 4-7 5 Air Magic 15 Gold


  • Guardsman Noell can be attacked and killed by enemies, unlike most other collectors.