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Creature traits project

This project primarily aims at developing a system that can completely and accurately predict which effects apply to particular creatures. Everybody is welcome to point out cases where it makes an incorrect prediction.

We don't necessarily care to completely match the internal code organization and terms, but we do want to match their results for anything that can be reproduced in-game.



Weapon mods[edit]

Versus Identifier Known anomalies
charr affiliation : Charr
demons type: demon
dragons type: dragon
dwarves type: dwarf
giants type: giant
ogres type: ettin or
type: yeti
plants type: plant
skeletons type: skeleton
tengu type: tengu
trolls type: troll
undead affiliation : Undead


Bounty Identifier Known anomalies
Anguish Hunt  ?
Corsair Bounty affiliation: corsairs
Demon Hunt type: demon
Dhuum Battle name: Terrorweb Dryder
Elemental Hunt type: elemental
Giant Hunt type: giant
Heket Hunt type: heket
Insect Hunt type: insect or
type: arachnid
Kournan Bounty affiliation: Kournan military
Mandragor Hunt type: mandragor
Margonite Battle affiliation: Margonites
Menzies Battle type: nightmare
Minotaur Hunt type: minotaur
Monolith Hunt type: monolith
Monster Hunt #1 type: behemoth or
type: beast
Monster Hunt #2 type: behemoth or
type: beast
Monster Hunt #3 affiliation: torment creatures
Plant Hunt type: plant
Skale Hunt type: skale
Skree Battle type: harpy
Titan Hunt type: titan
Undead Hunt affiliation: Undead

Other criteria[edit]

Effect Identifier Known anomalies
Counts as "same type" for Edge of Extinction same type Shiro's constructs not EoE'd by other Shiro'ken (acknowledged as potential bug)
Counts as "same kind" for disease same type
Specifically immune to bleeding, disease, and poison not fleshy
Corpses left behind are not exploitable not fleshy
Counts as "margonite" for Forgotten Retribution counter affiliation: Margonites
Counts as "demonic servant of Abaddon" for Lightbringer Signet and Lightbringer's Gaze activation
Counts as part of "Abaddon and his demonic servants" for Lightbringer title
affiliation: Margonites or
affiliation: torment creatures
also all demons during Sunspears in Kryta
Counts as a "spirit" for skills and soul reaping type: spirit
Cannot be hexed or enchanted, with the message "Spirits are not affected by this type of skill". Immune to all conditions except burning. type: spirit
  • name: Corrupted Scale (intentional)
  • name: Corrupted Spore (intentional)
  • name: Exploding Growth (intentional)


type/family/affiliation/army associated trophies (not dropped by every member) associated salvage items (not dropped by every member)
abomination Golem Ribcage.png ribcages Gruesome Sternum
afflicted Augmented Flesh.png Augmented Flesh
Pulsating Growth.png Pulsating Growth
Putrid Cyst.png Putrid Cyst
Plagueborn Armor
Am Fah Plague Idol.png Plague Idol Am Fah Cape, Am Fah Vambrace
bandits Bandit Belt.png belts -
behemoth Dryder Fang.png Behemoth Hide
Behemoth Jaw.png jaws
Half-Digested Armor
centaur Centaur Mane.png manes  ?
celestial Celestial Essence.png Celestial Essence -
Charr (a) Charr Carving.png Charr Carving Ash Fiend Trappings, Axe Fiend Armor, Charr Hide, Mind Spark Garb, Flame Wielder Trappings, Stalker Armor, Shaman Garb
Salvage Hide.png Charr Hide
corsairs Copper Shilling.png Copper Shilling
Silver Bullion Coin.png Silver Buillion Coin
Gold Doubloon.png Gold Doubloon
Corsair Pauldron, Corsair Raiment, Corsair Trappings, Stolen Goods, Stolen Shipment
Crimson Skull Copper Crimson Skull Coin.png Silver Crimson Skull Coin.png Gold Crimson Skull Coin.png Crimson Skull coins Crimson Skull Boots, Crimson Skull Cape, Crimson Skull Raiment
crustacean Moon Shell.png Moon Shell Pungent Mass
destroyer (a&t) Imp Heart.png destroyer core -
devourer Devourer Carapace.png carapaces Half-Eaten Mass
saurian Golem Ribcage.png Saurian Bone -
dragon Azure Crest.png Drake Crest.png crests Half-Digested Armor
dredge Dredge Incisor.png Dredge Incisor
Dredge Manifesto.png Dredge Manifesto
Dredge Bracer, Dredge Harness, Dredge Spaulder, Dredge Plating, Dredge Rags, Dredge Garment
drinker Blood Drinker Pelt.png Blood Drinker Pelt -
dryder Dryder Fang.png fangs -
dwarf - Dwarven Armor, Dwarven Howler Outfit, Dwarven Scout Armor, Dwarven Robes

Dolyak Cladding, Dolyak Hide, Dwarven Sage Outfit
Beastmaster Harness, Dwarven Warrior Armor

elemental Diamond Djinn Essence.png Ruby Djinn Essence.png Water Djinn Essence.png djinn essence
Celestial Essence.png Pile of Elemental Dust
Enchanted Lodestone.png Sandblasted Lodestone.png Scorched Lodestone.png lodestones
Hydra Claw.png Roaring Ether Claw Icy Lodestone.png Icy Lodestone
Ethereal Garment
ether Hydra Claw.png Roaring Ether Claw, Molten Claw.png Stone Claw Ancient Lodestone, Roaring Ether Heart
ettin Ettin Hump.png humps Ettin Hide, Ettin's Pauldron, Half-Chewed Mass, Igneous Ettin Hide, Snowy Ettin Hide
fish Black Pearl.png Black Pearl Decaying Mass
Forgotten Ones / forgotten Forgotten Seal.png Forgotten Seal Arcanist Wrappings, Cursebearer Wrappings, Illusionist Wrappings, Sage Wrappings, Seared Armguard, Seared Breastplate
gaki Skull Juju.png Skull Juju -
gargoyle Gargoyle Skull.png skulls -
ghost / phantom Phantom Remains.png remains (goopy) -
ghoul (n) - Ghoul's Collar
giant Giant Jawbone.png jawbones
Giant Tusk.png Giant Tusk
Giant's Boots, Pillaged Goods, Tundra Giant's Bracer, Hill Giant's Bracer, Sand Giant's Bracer
grawl Grawl Necklace.png necklaces Grawl Elementalist Gear, Grawl Gear, Grawl Longspear Gear, Grawl Mesmer Gear, Grawl Necromancer Gear, Grawl Shaman Gear
beast Cobalt Talon.png Rot Wallow Tusk.png talons Half-Digested Armor
griffon Griffon Wing.png wings -
heket Heket Tongue.png Heket Tongue Heket Armor, Heket Garment, Heket Robe
human - Bloodstained Jerkin, Broken Armor, Torn Robes
hydra Hydra Claw.png claws -
imp Imp Heart.png hearts -
insect Juvenile Termite Leg.png Juvenile Termite Leg
Insect Appendage.png Insect Appendage
Baked Husk.png Insect Carapace
Dryder Fang.png Dusty Insect Carapace
Geode.png Geode
Jade Brotherhood Jade Bracelet.png Jade Bracelet Jade Brotherhood Armguard
kappa Kappa Hatchling Shell.png Kappa Shell.png Elder Kappa Shell.png Archaic Kappa Shell.png Ancient Kappa Shell.png kappa shells -
kirin Kirin Horn.png horns -
Kournan military Kournan Pendant.png Kournan Pendant Kournan Bracer, Kournan Spaulder, Kournan Tunic
kraken Kraken Eye.png Kraken Eye Regurgitated Mass
Kurzicks Kurzick Bauble.png Kurzick Bauble Kurzick Armor, Kurzick Armguard, Kurzick Attire
Luxons Luxon Pendant.png Luxon Pendant Luxon Armor, Luxon Bracers, Luxon Garb
mandragor Wurm Shell.png Mandragor Carapace/Mandragor Husk
Mandragor Swamproot.png Mandragor Swamproot/Mandragor Root
Luminous Stone, Lustrous Stone
mantid Mantid Pincer.png Mantis Pincer.png pincers -
Margonites Margonite Mask.png Margonite Mask Margonite Armor, Margonite Robes, Margonite Tunic
minotaur Berserker Horn.png Minotaur Horn.png horns Forest Minotaur Hide, Minotaur Hide, Mountain Minotaur Hide
monolith Inscribed Shard.png Inscribed Shard -
mummy Mummy Wrapping.png Mummy Wrapping -
mursaat Mursaat Token.png Mursaat Token Mursaat Garments
naga Naga Hide.png Naga Hide
Naga Pelt.png Naga Pelt
Naga Skin.png Naga Skin
Naga Spaulder, Naga Trappings, Naga Vambrace
oni Oni Claw.png Keen Oni Claw.png claws
Oni Talon.png Keen Oni Talon.png talons
Oni Shroud
Outcasts Bone Charm.png Bone Charm Outcast Bracers, Outcast Boots, Outcast Wrappings
plant Plant Seed.png seeds/spores
Dragon Root.png Sentient Root.png roots
Enchanted Vine.png Enchanted Vine
Guardian Moss.png Guardian Moss
Iboga Petal.png Iboga Petal
Fetid Mass, Malodorous Mass
scarab Scarab Mandible.png mandibles -
nightmare Nightmare Remains.png remains (wispy) -
Shiro'ken Soul Stone.png Soul Stone -
skale Skale Fin (Pre-Searing).png Skale Fin.png fins
Skale Claw.png claws
Skale Tooth.png teeth
Half-Digested Boots, Half-Eaten Blob
skeleton Skeletal Limb.png limbs Corrupted Orr Collar, Corrupted Orr Vestments, Decayed Orr Armor, Decayed Orr Robes
skree Skree Wing.png Skree Wing Skree Helmet, Skree Mask, Skree Rags, Skree Vambrace
arachnid / spider Spider Leg.png spider legs Ebon Spider Web, Maguuma Spider Web, Silken Spider Web, Spider Web
storm rider Rider Eye.png eyes -
stone guardian Stone Carving.png Stone Carving Stone Remnants
Stone Summit Enslavement Stone.png Enslavement Stone
Stone Summit Badge.png Stone Summit stuff
tengu Feathered Tengu Scalp.png feathered stuff  ?
titan Molten Claw.png Molten Claw Titan Armor
torment creatures Bone Charm.png Demonic Relic -
troll Troll Tusk.png troll tusks Half-Digested Mass
Undead Decayed Orr Emblem.png Decayed Orr Emblem Battered Armor, Decayed Garment, Executioner's Breastplate, Necrid Robes, Rusted Greave, Warlock's Robes
vampire Vampiric Fang.png Vampiric Fang -
vermin Vermin Hide.png Vermin Hide -
wallow Rot Wallow Tusk.png Rot Wallow Tusk
Truffle.png Truffle
warden Warden Horn.png Warden Horn Warden Armguard, Warden Pauldron, Warden Vestments
White Mantle White Mantle Emblem.png emblem/badge Abbot's Robes, Justiciar's Armor, Knight's Armor, Priest's Robes, Ritualist's Tunic, Savant's Robes, Seeker's Vest, Sycophant's Robes, Zealot's Armor
worm Baked Husk.png husks -
wurm Wurm Shell.png shells -
yeti Stolen Supplies.png stolen stuff Yeti Armguard, Yeti Plating, Yeti Rags

Andrew McLeod's Data[edit]