Into the Whirlpool

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Into the Whirlpool
Section Primary Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Count Durheim
in Vasburg Armory
(Echovald Forest)
Preceded by The Eternal Grove
Followed by Unwaking Waters
Type Primary quest
Into the Whirlpool map.jpg
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This quest leads the player from Vasburg Armory, to the next Kurzick mission, Unwaking Waters.

Quest information[edit]




Upon entering Morostav Trail, go north a little bit to meet with Mhenlo. Then fight your way to the east until you reach Acolyte Jorg in front of a gate. Speak with him to be greeted with a cinematic.

Do not go past the large pond with Arbor Earthcall. This path has a dead end, many foes, and several bosses. This combination may cause a wipe and if Mhenlo dies, you have to restart the quest.




Initial dialogue[edit]

Count Durheim

This is an unprecedented time. We Kurzicks and Luxons haven't come together like this for the common good since...well...since two hundred years ago, when our champions sought to destroy the very same enemy we now face. I pray that we're successful in getting to the heart of the Unwaking Waters, or all of this unity may be for nothing. Master Togo believes we will find the secret to Shiro's defeat in the temple that exists within the whirlpool. You are to meet him there.

Yes Accept: "To the whirlpool!"
No Decline: "I'm not ready yet."
Ask Ask: "We travel to the whirlpool to rendezvous with Master Togo and the Luxons. There, if the gods will it, we will find the knowledge to defeat Shiro."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

When met:

Brother Mhenlo: "Let's move! Master Togo is likely waiting for us at the whirlpool even now."

At exit:

Brother Mhenlo: "I've never seen anything like this...such awe-inspiring power frozen forever into the sea of jade. Should we survive all this madness, I must return again when I can take a moment to truly appreciate this place."
Brother Mhenlo: "Far beneath the whirlpool lies our destination, Kuan Jun, the Harvest Temple. It once floated on the surface of the ocean but sunk the day the Jade Wind passed, creating the whirlpool in its wake."
Acolyte Jorg: "MHENLO! We all thought you were..."
Brother Mhenlo: "Dead? So I've heard. As you can see, I'm still among the living."
Brother Mhenlo: "We seek entrance to the Unwaking Waters."
Acolyte Jorg

This area is very near the epicenter of the Jade Wind, when Shiro was destroyed two hundred tears ago. There are few who have the courage to seek the council of Kuunavang, and even fewer who are granted an audience. Please let me know when you are ready, and I will allow your party to pass.

Yes Let's go.
When you are ready to travel, I will send you through to the Unwaking Waters [sic]
Yes I am ready,
Your entire party is about to be moved to the next area. Make sure all party members are ready first. Do you wish to continue?
Yes Yes. (Sent to The Harvest Ceremony)
No No.
No Not right now.

Reward dialogue[edit]

Redemptor Iszar

Greetings. I must say, I am surprised to see you here. Not many come to the Unwaking Waters. I assume you've come to seek the council of Kuunavang? Well, prepare yourself; you must first survive the taint of Shiro's corruption. Good luck to you, hero!