Messages, Messages Everywhere

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Messages, Messages Everywhere
Section The Jade Sea Quests
Campaign Factions
Given by Samti Kohlreg
in Gyala Hatchery
(The Jade Sea)
Preceded by Message on a Dragon Scale
Type Secondary quest
Messages Messages Everywhere Map.jpg
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Help the immortal castaway, Samti, escape from his age long vigil on the island: find the rest of his message bottles and return them to him.

Quest information[edit]


  • Collect the 3 remaining messages
  • You have collected Message: Year 2
  • You have collected Message: Year 3
  • You have collected Message: Year 4
  • See Samti Kohlreg for your reward.



You'll need to take a little trip round the Jade Sea to find each of the 3 message bottles in the explorable areas listed in the quest dialogue:

When all 3 bottles have been collected, map-travel to the Leviathan Pits and return to Samti, following the same route you used to find him in the preceding quest.


Initial dialogue[edit]

Samti Kohlreg
"Yea, shiny things did crawl with legs upon the shiny sea. About, about, in reel and rout...oh, hello. Dost I know thou? look familiar. Are you perhaps the one who brought me this message? Didst...did you find any more? If all four messages return to me, I may leave this island at last. They are written on dragon scales like this one, tucked into magic bottles, and hidden somewhere in Silent Surf, the Archipelagos, and Maishang Hills. Would you help me find these messages?"
Yes Accept: "Aye, it be an easy task, says I."
No Decline: "Gar, ye be daft, matey. Stay'st here and rot."
Ask Ask: " must find the last three bottles that hold those messages, or I will be trapped here forever! Surround by this strange jade water. Water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink...."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Bottle (Maishang Hills)
"The arc of the sun doth tell me that I have been upon this island for two years. As a kindness, the great Saltspray Dragon doth grant me the power to use this bottle to forget mine most cherished memories. Why is this kindness? Because I be stranded on this island forever, and dost not wish to feel the pain of these memories."
"Mine father and mother were hardworking folk...he, a tanner, she, a midwife and herbalist. When I was still but a child, they sacrificed their savings to buy me a berth on a merchant vessel, and were it not for them, I would never have known the joys of the sea that has been my home ever since. Good-bye, mother, and good-bye, father. Your memory will now be lost to me, but I cannot live without hope of thanking you for all you have given me."
"This is the 2nd bottle of the 4 given to me. Please return to me the dragon scale on which this note was written. I am on a small island near a place called Gyala Hatchery."
Bottle (Archipelagos)
"By the seasons, I reckon my time on this island has reach three years. I now send forth another message in the hope that I may shed the burden of mine painful memories. Painful because I will never see those I love again."
"My dearest daughter, Brigid, was a blessing upon the house of Kohlreg. Her laughter and wonder at every new adventure gave this mariner another reason to long for mine home port. Brigid, I bid farewell to thine memory with this message, for the thought that I shall never see thee grow into the bright, intelligent young woman that I know thou shall be is unbearable. Good-bye, mine dearest daughter."
"This is the 3rd bottle of 4 given to me. Please return to me the dragon scale on which this note was written. I am on a small island near a place called Gyala Hatchery."
Bottle (Silent Surf)
"The moon's phases tell me that I hath reached my fourth year on this island. And now I must unburden myself from the most cherished memory of all."
"Mine wife, Sophia, is the most beautiful creature in this world. A kind, patient, woman whome I doth love with all my heart. Wherever she doth be, that is my home. Yet my home is now this patch of earth in the middle of the wide, unending Sea. Sophia, forgive me, for I cannot bear to live with the memory of thee and the knowledge that thou be lost to me. Farewell, mine dearest love."
"This is the last bottle of 4 given to me. Please return to me the dragon scale on which this note was written. I am on a small island near a place called Gyala Hatchery."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Samti Kohlreg
"Two hundred and...ten? Yes. Two hundred and ten years I have been here. It is clear to me now. I remember everything from before, but also everything from the time in between. And now that I am free to go, I find I no longer really want to leave. So much has changed. So many dead. But thank you, friend. To have my life back, at long last...I owe you a great debt. I think...I think I will stay."
"Alone, alone, all, all alone, alone on a wide Jade Sea."