Protect the Learned

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Protect the Learned
Section Vabbi Quests
Campaign Nightfall
Given by Kachok
in Holdings of Chokhin
Preceded by The Search for Enlightenment
Type Secondary quest
(Difficulty: Master)

Defend the Halls of Chokhin and protect its scholars from the advancing Margonite forces.

Quest information[edit]


  • Alert the scholars about the assault on the Halls of Chokhin. You have spoken to 0...8 of 8 scholars.
  • Protect the scholars from the advancing Margonite forces. At least 4 scholars must survive. 8...0 of 8 scholars are still alive.
  • Eliminate the groups of Margonites attacking Chokhin. 12...0 of 12 groups remain.
  • See Library Envoy Chukeht for your reward.



When this quest is active, there appear to be "hidden" triggers in the Halls of Chokhin which set off each wave of Margonite groups, however, these triggers only become active after the party has spoken to all 8 scholars. When the scholars are spoken to, they will run to the shrine of Lyssa at the north-west side of the halls. For this reason, it is best to start talking to the scholars furthest from the shrine, then work your way in to speak to the closest scholars last.

Once all the scholars have been spoken to and have congregated at the shrine, the party can start to trigger the Margonite groups. This is best done by carefully moving forward on one side while holding the Show Targets key (Left Ctrl by default) until you can see a Margonite group, and then moving enough to trigger make them head towards the scholars. At this point, hold your position to head them off, or retreat to a suitable ambush/blocking point.

Even with this careful approach, you will likely find that the Margonites attack in waves of 3 groups (so 2 waves on each of the north and south sides to make the total 12 groups). Do note that there are 4 different kinds of groups. The first group at the east are mostly rangers. The 2nd at the east side are melee. The 2 groups on the west side are both casters and melee.

When you have cleared the 6 groups on one side in this fashion, switch to the other and repeat.

The terrain here benefits a smart party: make use of height advantage by standing at the top of stairs and use ranged attacks to increase damage; use body blocking at corners to hold groups and nuke them together; wells and wards can help the party or hinder foes (minion masters or other corpse users will have plenty of material); since the Margonites will have to cross bridges or climb narrow stairways, placing traps in their path before you trigger each wave can be of great help too. Casting Death Nova on minions to spread poison is also useful.

For more tips and tactics for this mission, see this article's Talk page





Demons (Margonites)


Initial dialogue[edit]

[Difficulty: Master]
"What are these "scriptures," anyway? They have brought demons and worse to attack the Halls of Chokhin! Oh, this is not good, not good at all. We must protect the scholars inside. Please, find them and tell them to come here where they will be out of harm's way. Then, if you can, clear this sacred place of these most unwelcome guests!"
Yes Accept: "I will defend the scholars and these sacred halls."
No Decline: "Time for the nerds to get what's coming to them. What good is your knowledge now, book worms? Mwuhahaha!"
Ask Ask: "We're all going to die if you don't move quickly! Please find the other scholars before it's too late. We must be protected!"

Reward dialogue[edit]

Library Envoy Chukeht
"Chokhin? Attacked? What monstrous work is afoot here? I will seek the guidance of Mehtu the Wise immediately. He would surely know how to respond to such an egregious offense!"