Redemption for the Lost (Hard mode)

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Redemption for the Lost
Section Kaineng City Quests
Storyline Beyond: Winds of Change
Given by Lei Jeng
in Kaineng Center
(Kaineng City)
Preceded by A Treaty's a Treaty (Hard mode)
Redemption for the Lost
Type Secondary quest
Redemption for the Lost (Hard mode) map.jpg
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Find Zenmai's friends within the Am Fah in Sunjiang District, and try to convince them to flee before the Ministry of Purity arrives.

Quest information[edit]




As per the normal mode version, refer to the map for the locations of the quest NPCs. Take note that their locations are different compared to normal mode.

Another difference is that as Zenmai approaches each quest NPC, the moment the dialog triggers, a group of Am Fah will spawn near the boss. They turn hostile the moment the boss turns hostile. Consider placing spirits and flagging heroes apart before letting Zenmai trigger the dialogue.

The ambush at the end of the quest, although in a different location, is the same. It is best to quickly move away from the Min's location, where the Ministry will converge. Let Daisuke's Am Fah take the brunt of the attack before joining in.


  • The locations of the quest NPCs are different compared to the normal mode version.
  • The first time each boss ally dies, the party gains a morale boost.
  • Including enemies defeated during the quest, there are 223-227 enemies to vanquish in this area while the quest is active.

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