Sage Bollnar

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Sage Bollnar
Deldrimor caster.jpg
Affiliation Deldrimor
Type Dwarf
Profession Monk Monk
Level(s) 24
Campaign Eye of the North

Sage Bollnar keeps Outrunner Remlok company in Drakkar Lake and provides information on the Sepulchre of Dragrimmar dungeon located next to them.



15 Healing Prayers


"I'd rather dig into a good book than cold dirt, if you take my meaning, friend. The only aid I can lend in finding the Anvil of Dragrimmar is through our stories, and the knowledge I've acquired of this place.
What can you tell me about the Anvil of Dragrimmar?
"Legends tell of an anvil of great power called the Anvil of Dragrimmar. Some say it was used by the Great Dwarf himself. Upon its face he forged weapons with the strength of our people and shields as unbreakable as our collective will. There's no doubt the Anvil of Dragrimmar exists, but whether it truly belogned to the Great Dwarf... that mystery may never be uncovered. But I do believe we are now close to reclaiming it. And, who knows? Perhaps the answer to this mystery will finally be found as well. The times grow dark, friend. It doesn't take a scholar to see that, and even I will rest easier knowing this power is back in our hands."
What defenses might we face in the sepulchre?
"Aye, there's the rub. The nub of the matter you might say. Of defenses this place has many. I've seen some, at least as far in as Remlok lead us. You will find gates within, all sealed and named for the virtues our people received from the Great Dwarf: strength, kinship, and unity. From what I can tell, the way forward will only open to those who talk the path of the virtues. I've seen devices that open the gates. They are branded the same. When I used one, I heard gates before me opening and the distant sounds of others closing. The way forward must lie in finding the correct path to walk through the virtues."
What of the creatures that lurk within?
"Oh, my. Frightful creatures await you inside, manifested of ice and forgotten memories. Not the sort of thing I care for, you know. One story even tells of a guardian known as the Remnant of Antiquities awaiting within the anvil chamber. It is said the creature was shaped and brought to life by the Great Dwarf himself to guard the anvil until such time that our people would once again need its power. The tales also tell of one who would prove worthy of claiming it. I can only wonder at what terror could, watching and waiting for ages innumerable, down in the dark. The thought makes my spine tingle. That place is its domain, friend. I could imagine the air itself turning against you. Best step lightly."