Sensali Tengu

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Sensali Tengu
Sensali caster.jpg
Affiliation Sensali
Type Tengu
Profession Mesmer Mesmer
Level(s) 20
Campaign Bonus Mission Pack

Three Sensali Tengu Mesmers accompany Gull Hookbeak to the peace talks proposed by Minister Wona.




Before act II, each of the three Tengu responds differently
"*This Sensali Tengu stares you down in silence. He's in a fowl mood, obviously.*"
"Go away."
"The Sensali would kill every Canthan man, woman, and child before we would surrender. Pick your words carefully, human. Give me an excuse to start with you."
In act II, while fighting, the three Tengu will each use a different line
"*Chatting with unfriendly Tengu in the middle of a fight is a good way to get yourself killed. To arms!*"
"Dishonorable apes! They will pay in blood!"
"Worthless monkeys!"
In act II, after the fight, the three Tengu will each use a different line
"*The Sensali Tengu nods, as if to acknowledge your victory. Don't except a dinner invite.*"
"Humans communicate in lies. You are not fit to coexist with us."
"I knew your kind couldn't be trusted."


"Every day their filthy city stretches its tentacles deeper into Sensali territory. We must act before all is lost!"
"The Angchu believe there can be peace. They are fools."
"These Canthans are foolish enough to lead their caravans through our land, and then act surprised when we raid them!"
"I would accept peace if the humans give us their lands, their gold, and their freedom. Is that too much to ask?"
"The only good human is a dead one. I hear they make great pelts."
"Humans are cowards. Accepting peace would mean the Sensali are afraid of cowards!"
"This debate is a waste of time. Humans are untrustworthy savages!"


  • The line "The only good human is a dead one." is most likely references the series of movies Planet of the Apes.