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See also: List of chants, #Skill

Affects or checks for chants by allies[edit]

Warrior Tactics: Soldier's Defense, Soldier's Speed, Soldier's Stance, Soldier's Strike
Ranger Wilderness Survival: Roaring Winds
Ritualist Restoration Magic: Vocal was Sogolon
Paragon Leadership: Aggressive Refrain, Blazing Finale, Burning Refrain, Enduring Harmony, Hasty Refrain, Soldier's Fury
Paragon Command: Bladeturn Refrain
Paragon Motivation: Chorus of Restoration, Energizing Chorus, Energizing Finale, Finale of Restoration, Mending Refrain, Purifying Finale
Paragon No attribute: Signet of Aggression

Affects or checks for chants by foes[edit]

Ranger Wilderness Survival: Roaring Winds
Necromancer Curses: Cacophony, Ulcerous Lungs, Vocal Minority, Well of Silence
Mesmer Domination Magic: Power Lock

Cold damage[edit]

See also: #Attack, #Elemental damage

Causes cold damage[edit]

Ranger Wilderness Survival: Winter
Necromancer Soul Reaping: Icy Veins
Necromancer Curses: Chilblains
Necromancer Death Magic: Bitter Chill, Deathly Chill, Deathly Swarm, Fetid Ground, Toxic Chill, Vile Miasma
Elementalist Air Magic: Gust, Chilling Winds, Teinai's Wind/Whirlwind
Elementalist Water Magic: Conjure Frost, Deep Freeze, Freezing Gust, Frozen Burst, Glowing Ice, Ice Spear, Ice Spikes, Icy Prism, Maelstrom, Mind Freeze, Mirror of Ice, Rust, Shatterstone, Steam, Vapor Blade, Water Trident
Dervish Mysticism: Rending Touch
Dervish Scythe Mastery: Chilling Victory
Dervish Wind Prayers: Grenth's Fingers, Mystic Twister, Rending Aura, Test of Faith, Whirling Charge, Winds of Disenchantment
Asura rank: Summon Ice Imp
Deldrimor rank: Snow Storm

Affects or checks for cold damage[edit]

Necromancer Curses: Shivers of Dread/Spinal Shivers
Mesmer Inspiration Magic: Mantra of Frost
Dervish Wind Prayers: Grenth's Grasp


See also: #Resurrection

Exploits corpses[edit]

See also: Well spell

Necromancer Death Magic: Animate Bone Fiend, Animate Bone Horror, Animate Bone Minions, Animate Flesh Golem, Animate Shambling Horror, Animate Vampiric Horror, Aura of the Lich, Consume Corpse, Necrotic Traversal, Putrid Explosion, Soul Feast

Affects or checks for corpses[edit]

Necromancer Soul Reaping: Signet of Sorrow
Ritualist Channeling Magic: Lamentation


See also: #Bleeding, #Blind, #Burning, #Cracked Armor, #Crippled, #Dazed, #Deep Wound, #Disease, #Poison, #Weakness

Causes conditions[edit]

Ranger Wilderness Survival: Pestilence
Monk Protection Prayers: Draw Conditions
Monk No attribute: Martyr
Necromancer Curses: Plague Sending, Plague Signet, Plague Touch
Necromancer Death Magic: Contagion, Infuse Condition, Verata's Sacrifice
Mesmer Illusion Magic: Fevered Dreams
Mesmer Inspiration Magic: Extend Conditions
Mesmer No attribute: Epidemic, Hypochondria

Enhances conditions[edit]

Immunity to a condition[edit]

Affects or checks for conditions on allies[edit]

Warrior Strength: "I Will Survive!"
Ranger Wilderness Survival: Melandru's Resilience, Pestilence
Ranger No attribute: Antidote Signet
Monk Divine Favor: Blessed Light, Contemplation of Purity, Peace and Harmony
Monk Healing Prayers: Spotless Soul, Words of Comfort
Monk Protection Prayers: Dismiss Condition, Divert Hexes, Draw Conditions, Extinguish, Life Sheath, Mend Ailment, Mend Condition, Mending Touch, Restore Condition, Purge Signet
Monk Smiting Prayers: Purifying Veil, Smite Condition
Monk No attribute: Empathic Removal, Martyr, Purge Conditions, Purge Signet, Signet of Removal
Necromancer Soul Reaping: Foul Feast
Necromancer Blood Magic: Angorodon's Gaze
Necromancer Curses: Plague Sending, Plague Signet, Plague Touch
Necromancer Death Magic: Contagion, Infuse Condition, Verata's Sacrifice
Assassin Critical Strikes: Assassin's Remedy
Assassin No attribute: Signet of Malice
Ritualist Spawning Power: Spirit's Gift, Wielder's Remedy
Ritualist Restoration Magic: Mend Body and Soul, Mending Grip, Pure Was Li Ming, Recovery, Resilient Was Xiko, Resilient Weapon, Weapon of Remedy
Paragon Motivation: "It's just a flesh wound.", Lyric of Purification, Purifying Finale, Song of Purification
Paragon Spear Mastery: Spear of Redemption
Paragon No attribute: Cautery Signet, Remedy Signet
Dervish Mysticism: Avatar of Melandru
Dervish Earth Prayers: Conviction
Dervish Wind Prayers: Featherfoot Grace

Affects or checks for conditions on foes[edit]

Warrior Hammer Mastery: Yeti Smash
Warrior Tactics: "Victory is Mine!"
Ranger Expertise: Archer's Signet
Ranger Beast Mastery: Scavenger Strike
Ranger Wilderness Survival: Pestilence, Scavenger's Focus
Necromancer Death Magic: Discord, Vile Miasma, Virulence
Necromancer Allegiance rank: Signet of Corruption
Necromancer Sunspear rank: Necrosis
Mesmer Illusion Magic: Fevered Dreams, Fragility
Mesmer Inspiration Magic: Extend Conditions
Mesmer No attribute: Epidemic, Hypochondria
Elementalist Earth Magic: Crystal Wave
Assassin Critical Strikes: Malicious Strike, Seeping Wound
Assassin Deadly Arts: Iron Palm, Sadist's Signet, Signet of Deadly Corruption
Assassin No attribute: Signet of Malice
Paragon Spear Mastery: Disrupting Throw, Stunning Strike
Paragon Allegiance rank: Spear of Fury
Dervish Mysticism: Mystic Corruption
Dervish Earth Prayers: Armor of Sanctity, Vow of Strength
Dervish Scythe Mastery: Reap Impurities
Ebon Vanguard rank: Ebon Vanguard Assassin Support

Cracked Armor[edit]

See also: #Condition

Causes cracked armor[edit]

Necromancer Blood Magic: Mark of Fury
Necromancer Curses: Weaken Armor, Well of Ruin
Mesmer Illusion Magic: Shrinking Armor
Elementalist Air Magic: Thunderclap, Shell Shock
Ritualist Communing: Sundering Weapon
Ritualist Channeling Magic: Spirit Rift
Dervish Mysticism: Aura Slicer
Dervish Wind Prayers: Rending Aura
Dervish Earth Prayers: Staggering Force
Deldrimor rank: Alkar's Alchemical Acid, Low Blow
Norn rank: "Finish Him!"

Affects or checks for cracked armor on allies[edit]


Affects or checks for cracked armor on foes[edit]

Warrior Strength: Body Blow
Warrior No attribute: Distracting Strike
Ranger Marksmanship: Body Shot
Ranger Wilderness Survival: Piercing Trap
Paragon Spear Mastery: Chest Thumper
Ebon Vanguard rank: Deft Strike


See also: #Condition

Causes crippling[edit]

Unknown Crippling Attack
Warrior Axe Mastery: Axe Rake
Warrior Swordsmanship: Crippling Slash, Hamstring
Warrior Tactics: Desperation Blow/Drunken Blow
Warrior No attribute: "You're All Alone!"
Ranger Beast Mastery: Maiming Strike, Strike as One
Ranger Marksmanship: Crippling Shot, Pin Down
Ranger Wilderness Survival: Barbed Trap, Melandru's Shot, Snare, Spike Trap
Mesmer Illusion Magic: Illusion of Haste
Assassin Critical Strikes: Palm Strike
Assassin Dagger Mastery: Black Mantis Thrust, Leaping Mantis Sting
Assassin Deadly Arts: Crippling Dagger, Mantis Touch
Assassin Shadow Arts: Caltrops, Hidden Caltrops, Return
Paragon Command: Crippling Anthem
Paragon Spear Mastery: Maiming Spear
Dervish Earth Prayers: Aura of Thorns, Veil of Thorns
Dervish Scythe Mastery: Crippling Sweep, Crippling Victory, Reaper's Sweep
Dervish Wind Prayers: Grenth's Fingers, Grenth's Grasp, Harrier's Grasp, Signet of Pious Restraint
Norn rank: "You Move Like a Dwarf!", Raven Talons

Affects or checks for crippled on allies[edit]

Warrior Tactics: "Charge!"
Mesmer Illusion Magic: Illusion of Haste
Norn rank: "I Am Unstoppable!"

Affects or checks for crippled on foes[edit]

Warrior Swordsmanship: Knee Cutter
Ranger Wilderness Survival: Tripwire
Assassin Dagger Mastery: Jungle Strike, Trampling Ox

Critical hit[edit]

Changes the chance for critical hits[edit]

Warrior Axe Mastery: Decapitate, Keen Chop
Warrior No attribute: Wild Blow
Elementalist Earth Magic: Stone Sheath
Assassin Critical Strikes: Critical Eye, Critical Strike, Malicious Strike, Way of the Assassin, Way of the Master
Assassin Deadly Arts: Siphon Strength
Ritualist Communing: Dulled Weapon
Paragon Command: "Go for the Eyes!"

Affects or checks for critical hits by allies[edit]

Warrior Axe Mastery: Critical Chop
Ranger Marksmanship: Disrupting Accuracy, Keen Arrow
Assassin Critical Strikes: Critical Defenses, Critical Eye, Dark Apostasy
Assassin Shadow Arts: Way of Perfection
Assassin Sunspear rank: Critical Agility
Paragon Command: "Find Their Weakness!" (PvP)
Paragon Spear Mastery: Vicious Attack

Affects or checks for critical hits by foes[edit]

Warrior Tactics: Balanced Stance
Elementalist Earth Magic: Stoneflesh Aura
Ritualist Communing: Armor of Unfeeling (PvE)