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About Me and My Characters

I've been playing Guild Wars since May 2005 after growing bored of EvE Online. I founded the Atrum Argentum guild as a place for my fellow EvE converts to gather. Over time, the rigors of running a growing guild proved to be rather bothersome, so I turned over leadership to the more than capable Celenia. Since that time, I have settled into making fun of my guild leader and working on various titles for my large collection of characters.

Finally, the guildies and I are eagerly awaiting Guild Wars 2.

9/28/2008 - I have "officially" retired both my Guild Wars accounts as of today. While I still love Guild Wars (and am still eagerly awaiting news on Guild Wars 2), I felt the need to try some "new" MMO's. Since they are taking up my time, Guild Wars had to be shelved. It has been a very fun three years and I can only imagine that Guild Wars 2 will deliver even more entertainment.

- Ayame

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