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Spirit Realm!
Species human
Level 32

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In the Army Now(Kurzick & Luxon) aka Milk and Cookie run

  • To be added at a later time.

Spirit's Strength based rits

  • Can be referred to as glass cannon
  • makes use of mods like zealous(vampiric, furious,etc ) and suffix mods that boost health, defense, or the length of enchanting.
  • makes use of Ghost Forge insignia.
  • spawning power range is 14-16(sup rune).
  • IAS and Sight Beyond Sight for executing physical spikes to protect other spellcasters as a midline fighter.
  • Long duration weapon spells like Splinter Weapon and Vital Weapon are common. Warmonger's Weapon is used in PvP to shutdown spellcasters.
  • Warrior w/shield, Ranger,and Paragon(w/ or w/o shield) are the sturdier prof choices.
  • Can be used in AB, RA, TA, PvE. Haven't tested for HvH or HA so don't know how it fairs in those places.:p

Ritualist Pros & Cons


  • Item spells, non-removable weapon spells, and binding rituals are unique to this class.
  • Access to defensive defensive spirits that affects a range of 2.7 times of the aggro circle.
  • Offensive spirits with a longbow range.
  • Summon spirits that do specific tasks without the need to pay full attention.
  • Fairly versatile.
  • Complements monks that are protecting or healing.
  • Generally wanted in PvE for healing or offensive purposes when the group is lacking elementalists or monks.
  • Decent energy management skills
  • Spawning Power provides more health to minions and spirits. Also lengthens weapon spell per SP rank.


  • Fewer skills than core classes.
  • Weak armor like other spellcasters.
  • There are no hex removal skills.
  • Only has 3 interrupt skills, two in channeling magic, and one in communing.
  • Binding Rituals are not affected by halve casting or recharge mods.
  • Long casting times of binding rituals make them targets of interrupts.
  • Unlike enchantments, weapon and item spells cannot be stacked on top of another of the same type.
  • Item spells makes the player to lose the benefit from the weapon set for the item spell's duration
Foes utter the words, "I welcome death. I yearn for it. I dream of it every night. Am I never to feel it's cold, dark embrace?"