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My Characters[edit]

Curtis Torbane
Monk-icon.png Curtis Torbane
"I always wanted to be a monk, but like many I started out thinking healing was the way to go...until I learned some Protection Prayers. We Prot monks are a humble breed. Oh sure, the heal monks get all the praise for "saving" someone and the smiters get all the glory. But guess who makes sure you don't die in one hit my elementalist friend!"
Bakari Kafele
Ranger-icon.png Bakari Kafele
"One Shot...5 kills. Gotta love that Splinter Barrage!"
Charlotte Pureheart
Mesmer-icon.png Charlotte Pureheart
"Becoming a Mesmer came naturally to me. I have always felt I was blessed by Lyssa in some small way...Oh I'm sorry, were you trying to cast a spell? I couldn't tell from all the frustrated cursing."
Hunter Mesektet
Dervish-icon.png Hunter Mesektet
"Just you wait...when I get my form skills I am gonna tear it up! Wait...didn't I have blonde hair before?"
My Lovely Assistant
Elementalist-icon.png My Lovely Assistant
"How does my top stay on? A good magician never reveals her secrets...perve (sounds of screams and burning)."
Rin Calls the Dance
Ritualist-icon.png Rin Calls the Dance
"Go ahead! Nerf the ritualist again! You can't make my powers any worse! 'spirits can now burn'...I stand corrected."
Rory Taliesin
Paragon-icon.png Rory Taliesin
"For the last time I am NOT wearing a 'belly shirt' and this is not a skirt, it is a kilt! Its roman style armor know is just easier to hurt you. So go on kite! My Spear Mastery isn't that high...Or is it?"
Scarlet Pureheart
Mesmer-icon.png Scarlet Pureheart
"One Day I too shall triumph in the Hall of Heroes like my sister Charlotte did. But until then I am quite content to save Tyria from the evils of the Lich King, Destroyers, and reliance on Ursan Blessing."
Shade In Ice
Assassin-icon.png Shade In Ice
"Your reliance on Ursan has made you weak old man. Now witness true skill once more before I send you to meet your ancestors!"
The Dewey Decimator
Warrior-icon.png The Dewey Decimator
"Yup, I'm a warrior and a librarian. Who says a librarian can't be 6' 9", muscular, and roguishly handsome? Now I am here to collect that fee for that overdue book...and I always get my money one way or another!"
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